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Default First DSLR cannot decide at all!

I am looking to purchase a new DSLR, it will be my first one, and I have narrowed the choice down to really 2 choices, the Canon 60D or the Sony a580.

What is the image quality like compared between the 2? Does the Canon outperform the Sony? Will it do higher ISO better, or are they basically the same?

How about autofocus? I have heard good things about Canon's autofocus, and have been impressed by it in the store, but have never compared it to the sony, because I have never seen the sony in a store.

I have also looked at the Nikon D7000, and so I think that Canon and Sony are the top choices for me, I have also ruled out 4/3rds cameras and the NX from samsung. The T3i from Canon just didnt feel as nice as the 60d, so it was out too.

I also looked at the a55 from Sony, and really liked it as well, for me the EVF isnt really a negative, and I liked the fast burst speed.

This would be a general purpose camera, going on trips and everyday use, so I almost think that either will work out fine, but I am having a VERY hard time with the final choice, and any help given is always appreciated.
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They are both first rate cameras, and since it doesn't seem that your requirements for them are very stringent, I'd say go with the one that feels best. If you can't comfortably hold the camera, if you can't find the controls and commands when you need them, you'll miss shots and be disappointed with the camera. And you already used that criterion to rule out the Nikon.

As far as the image quality is concerned, DxOMark.com tests show that both the Canon D60 and the Sony A580 have the same ISO range and perform very well as far as image noise is concerned, but that the Sony outperforms the Canon as far as Dynamic Range (the difference between the brightest and dimmest parts of the same image) is concerned.

As far as AF performance is concerned, the Canon probably outperforms the Sony somewhat, but I don't think the difference will come into play for what you've got in mind.

If you didn't like the feel of the T3i, you probably won't like the feel of the A55 either. The A55 is even smaller and lighter than the T3i.
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If you have done the touchy feely thing then its down to personnel choice. Look at lens choices and whats available in both ranges. Remember with a DSLR you are buying into system. Good Luck
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