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Hi all,
I am going to by my first DSLR and looking hard for advice on choice.
I have no DSLR experience at all, so far I have used Olympus 770sw - which performs for me very well for rafting/rain/underwater but the picture quality is very far from desired. So I would like to find a camera which I can use for taking awesome pictures when weather conditions permit it. I did a lot of reading on DSLR but still have heavy doubts.
My budget is up to 1200$ including spare battary and lens, and it is looks like I am not able to by any additional lens within next 2-3 years. So price of lens is important part in my consideration.
So what I need:
-A lot of nature/wildlife/macro shots. So telephoto ability is must as well as macro ability
-Ability to stay in borderline weather conditions for DSLR. (I am not going to use it during rain but dast removal should be as good as I can get for these money)
-A lot of shots in very cloudy/dark weather/near night - so high ISO peformance is very desired.
-Ability to shot at least short video
-Relatively light weight - carying about 1.5kg is ok but more than it including accessories is really prohibitive
-Fine battery life/or additional battery price (likely no electricity access for few days)
What I don't need:
-Nice conditions studio shots
-Nice performance with flush/indoors
-Sport shoting (while I do want to catch birds on fly )

For now my choice is very heavy between Canon d500/Nikon5000d/Nikon90d

As I see it for now (from reading reviews so far):
Canon 500d:
+More megapixels/less price/less weight/better video
-Possibly lower ISO performance
+Swivel screen/higher ISO performance
-(more Expensive?) lens
-Swivel potentially makes construction much more fragile
-Prohibitory price (unlikely to buy more lens)/Heavier weight/Poor video focus
+Better IQ/more options/better build? (not sure what is it...)

So I really dont know what to choose and any advice is highly appreciated
Some things are also completely unknown for me - I have no idea which of these cameras is more likely to stand in bad conditions (vibration/temperature/dust/humidity/etc). I also don't have any idea if there is any significant difference in price of lens for these cameras.
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Dmitry -

I too am a beginning dSLR user, and have been very happy with the Pentax K-m. It is relatively inexpensive (a rebate running right now from Pentax). It is very lightweight. There are many excellent lenses available, and it is possible to use virtually any Pentax lens ever made on the modern Pentax dSLR's. It uses AA batteries, so it is easy and cheap to get extras. If you use the hybrid AA batteries (like eneloops), they will hold charge for months. It has ISO range 100-3200. However, it does not take videos.

I have taken a LOT of nature photos with the K-m, under a wide variety of lighting and weather conditions, and have been very happy with most of them. If it would help, I can post some photos taken with the K-m. Or you can check out the Pentax dSLR section of this forum.

Hope this helps. Best wishes for some fine days & weeks out on the trail!

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