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Does anyone have an opinion on the Olympus E500. This one with two lenses is around $800. So around the same prices as a KM5D with the 18-70 lens.
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chrisdsa wrote:
Does anyone have an opinion on the Olympus E500. This one with two lenses is around $800. So around the same prices as a KM5D with the 18-70 lens.
If you need to shoot inlower light, a camera withrelatively clean higher ISO performance is desirable (to keep shutter speeds faster to preventblur from camera shake or subject movement).

The Olympus models tend to have more noise than the other entry level DSLR models (Nikon D50; Pentax *ist DS, DL; Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5D, Canon Rebel XT). They are using a Kodak sensor that is smaller than the sensor used in the other entry level DSLR models.

As a result, the photosites for each pixel are smaller, too, requiring more light to generate an equivalent signal. That's why it tends to have higher noise compared to the others if you need higher ISO speeds.Not everyone needs higher ISO speed performance though (or minds a bit of loss of detail if you need to try and reduce it using noise reduction tools later).

You'll lose a stop or two of usable higher ISO speed capabiity because it's sensor is noisier, requiring more noise and/or slower shutter speeds for the same lighting conditions and aperture setting.

The lenses Olympus has for this model are good, but the brighter lenses tend to be pricey. Although they do have some f/2 zooms out now, they are expensive compared to the wider variety of choices you'd have in f/2.8 zoom lenses available for the other DSLR models, and you'd need at least a stop brighter lens to match the others with something like the Olympus if you like shooting in lower light.

But, if you aren't going to be in conditions warranting high ISO speeds frequently, then I'd most certainly consider the Olympus models.

Personally, if I were going to buy one of them, I'd look at the 5MP Olympus E-1 instead. It's got professional build quality, including weather sealing, and 5 Megapixels is all most people need anyway (especially given noise considerations trying to make the photosites in the same size sensor smaller for higher resolutions). I think the dynamic range of it's Kodak 5MP sensor is excellent, too.

It's not a speed demon, so also look at that part.

Each user is going to use a camera differently. So, noone choice is right for everyone.

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JimC wrote:
The Ultra II is pretty fast in it (it's faster in a 5Dthan the Extreme III is with a 7D for writing to media) from user reports I've seen so far.
That's good to know. I'll find out how well it works once my son starts basketball games. I just wanna get a few good shots of him in action.I found a 50mm f/1.4 just for basketball.

Give me a yell when you guys decide to come and I'll try to make some suggestions on good places for photo ops.
We're gonna be in Savannah the first week of November. We're planning on spending quite a lot of time sightseeing in the historic district and also seeing the lighhouses on Tybee and Coskspur Island . Anything else cool you would recommend would be great.
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Olympus E-500 should be great if pics from E-300 are an indicator. I personally recommend the Pentax *ist DS. Don't forget to factor in the quality of LENSES which you will end up supplementing your camera with.....
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