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steeLh Jun 22, 2006 8:17 PM

Within the next few days Im planning on buying my first digital camera, and I've pretty much narrowed it down to two cameras, for around $200.

Canon Powershot A530 or SONY DSC-T5 Silver 5.1MP

Which would you go with and why? If anyone personally owns either of them, let me know what think.

Oh, and if anyone has any other recommendations within the price range of about $180-230, feel free to share.


flippedgazelle Jun 22, 2006 8:22 PM

You can get a Powershot A620 for ~$200. I have one and like it quite a bit.

steeLh Jun 22, 2006 9:33 PM

I thing is, Im leaning toward the DSC-T5 because its ultra compact, and I like the style as well.

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