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I'm looking to replace my Canon A80 fixed-lense point-and-shoot for something that is more capable and more comfortable.

By more capable, I mean:
Wider, faster wide angle lense (I have the 0.7x wide-angle converter for my A80, which is the perfect angle, about equiv of 17mm but I'd like less distortion)
Sharper images, with better color rendition
Faster and more accurate autofocus
Better low-light capabilities

By more comfortable, I mean: I have very large hands, with big fat fingers. I'd like to hold onto my camera with more than two fingers and the corner of my palm. Also, a real neck strap would come in very handy while hiking.

I do a lot of landscape, architectural, and indoor shooting, and I'm looking for a good SLR that will last me a good five years, and a lens system to last nearly a lifetime.

I'll be heading down to the camera store in the next few days, to try out (ergonomics mostly) my current top two picks. I've read Steve's and many other people's reviews of these cameras, and I'd like personal feedback.

Nikon D70s:
Larger LCD
Super fast
Good family of lenses and name
Everybody seems to like it a lot, but not enough to call it 'pro'

KM Maxxum D7:
Huge 2.5" screen, twice normal LCD resolution
In-body anti-shake system, very handy for low-light, indoor shooting
More expensive
KM brand less famous, but lense set is very complete, especially with Sigma lenses.

Also, both of these cameras have add-on portrait format grips for more versiaility and space for larger hands.

Thoughts? Is the extra few hundred dollars worth it for the KM with AS, giving up the lightning fast speed of the D70s?

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Just a few quick comments...

Actually, the D70/70S are used by pro's -- take a look at what this professional photog. has to say: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d70s.htm

Just in case you haven't seen it, Minolta will be coming out with a less expensive dslr w/anti-shake, called the5D I think.


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Ken Rockwell's review is probably the biggest reason for the D70 being one of my favorites. His review was a big zealot-like, but quite thorough.

I too saw the 5D, which looks to be as good as the D7, at least for what I want from it, but I'd be willing to pay the couple-hundred dollar difference just for the more solid body (magnesium alloy bottom and front cover), and few millimeters larger frame.

Alas, it looks like I'm the only one in the world looking for non-super-tiny cameras...
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Well, I went down to Samys camera yesterday, and after being offered a package including the D70, the 18-70 and 70-300mm lenses, camera bag, tripod, and 30GB "coolwalker" hard drive thingy all for $1400, I couln't refuse. I've been clicking away for almost 36 hours straight, and am a very, very happy camper.

Here's my expanding review: http://www.erikburrows.com/index.php?node_id=188
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