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froggylou Oct 19, 2006 2:53 PM

I like to doclose-up photography but also enjoy scenery. I presently use a Fuji S5000. Its OK but the sharpness of the pictures are not comparable to my old Canon SLR with Macro lens. My question is: Will the 9100 be an improvement for macro photo over my 5000? Would I get a more noticeable difference with the D80 or XTi over the 9100? I like the idea of carrying a camera without having to switch lens, also it is much cheeper. But, if it came to a much noticeable quality in sharpness of the photographs then I might be inclined to put out the extra money. Can anyone advise?

kenbalbari Oct 20, 2006 1:50 AM

Yes you will get a much igger difference with the DSLR. There might be an incremental improvement going from the 5000 to the 9100. It's a much bigger difference going to DSLR.

If you don't want to change lenses much, there are some long zooms nowdays which cover a pretty large range, which really aren't too bad for image quality. Here's a reaonable 18-125mm lens, which in a 1.5 crop factor DSLR would cover a 27mm-188mm zoom range in 35mm equivalent:

There are even some popular 18-200mm lenses. Though they tend to only be sharp when stopped down to about f8, it's not a bad tradeoff for the convenience of a general purpose walk around lens. And they tend to be popular with those stepping up from digicams.

You might consider a DSLR with such a lens, plus maybe a good prime (fixed focal length) macro lens for when you realy want more quality. There are also some good standard zoom lense that also work as macro lenses, though I don't know of any with as much range. There's this 17-70, though, for example:

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