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which camera do i get the s5100 s5200 or s7000 well ive read everything i can get the s7000 at a really good price not much money you see :sad: probably could stretch to either of other 2 but reviews of s7000 seems good obviosly newer cameras probably slightly better on focal length but not on mega pixels any real thoughtful thoughts really appreciated especially from owners of either or someone whos had thje s7000 and either of other 2? currently got 4800 and f610
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A good friend has an s7000, and my grandmother just ordered an s5200. They vary in usage, and it really depeneds what you need and how much you can get them for. The S5200 can be had online reliably for about $230 after rebate. It has less wide angle than the S7000, has a smaller sensor, less MP, does not have CF, and will have more noise except at ISO64. However, the S5200 is much cheaper, has much more zoom, larger ISO range, faster, etc.

The S5200 will be better if you need more zoom, and higher ISO capabilities at the sacrifice of noise

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The S7000 has many features which appeal to advanced photographers (such as an external flash hot-shoe). If you are just looking for a good camera get the S5200, but if you intend to explore photography further the S7000 is the ticket. The S5200 has a longer zoom but it will only be missed if you are into birds or other wildlife.

I own an S7000, it is an excellent camera.

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I have a 7000 and I'm happy with it for a general purpose camera. For me it was the intermediate stop between my previous point & shoot and a DSLR. At the time the DSLR's were too spendy, and the 7000 seemed to have most of the features I wanted in a camera at the time.

Honestly, figure out the features that are most important to you and your decision will become a lot easier. Don't get locked into brand loyalty. Look at everything out there and make the best descision for your (wants and ) needs.
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