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After a zillion hours of research, I've finally gotten choice down to these two for a speedy pocket cam capable of producing very high quality photos that can be cropped at will. Please give me a few pros or cons I may have overlooked.
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Unfortunately, the Sony P-200 has an ongoing problem with dust intrusion. Therefore, I would recommend the Fuji F-10. It truly is a great digital camera. Even though I routinely use dSLR cameras, I always carry my Fuji F-10 with me everywhere.

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Fuji Pro: Good nightshots, fast, long batterylife

Fuji con: Xdcard, Had to reformat pc to make software work

Sony pro: You can change lenses

Sony con: Dirt get into lenses easy, Poor buildt, Have to take it to Sony suport yourself they dont pickitup (atleast in most countries)

Sony is today a electronic and videogame gigant, Not so experienced in the camera busniess.

With sony you get 2 things: Possibility to change lenses and you paying ONLY for a brand.

Canon Ixus , Fuji and even Pentax (s1) are probaly the best bet.

I would leave Sony until the Fusion with Konica happen (sony confirmed this)

About the Fuji just make sure it work on you computer if it gives blue screen

you have to format the pc (i had, but it could be limited to just my case since i havent heard other had to do it).

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and yes what Sony is most suffering with is the Dust problem

Belive me Sony can even blame the custumber for the Dust problem and you warranty is VOID.

This has happen with me with many electronics products.

I had tried repearing Sony walkmans in past under warranty

and surprisingly the sony Repair service have blamed me for putting the dust into the machines. (althrough this can be limited to my local sony repair service).

But be very careful for Sony like to blame custumber of dust problem to void warranty
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Based on samples I have seen, the P200 seems to perform more consistantly. I didnt like the look of it, though. it has a small screen and feels cheap.

I have the F10. It does take very good no-flash indoor photos (high ISO). that is probably it's only selling point. the auto mode is terrible. it is not reliable. its possible to get great photos, but inconsistent.

maybe wait for the F11.
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