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I currently have a kodak dx-3900 camera that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago. It is 3MP with a 2x zoom. The pic quality is ok but not great. The noise is very high even at ISO 100. It do allow a shutter time of 16 seconds which is cool for night shots but for the most part indoor pictures without the flash will always have motion blur at ISO 100 (and even 200 at times). I recently took a trip to New York and almost every shot said 1/8 (or 1/10)sec @ ISO 100 and 1/10 (or 1/15-20) sec @ ISO 200 for indoor shots. As a result I had to take about 2 or 3 shots of each thing in hope that one would turn out sharp and try extremely hard not to move the camera.

So I've been thinking about upgrading.

Here are my needs for a camera (in no particular order):

1) low noise

2) High ISO settings

3) At least 6MP with high resolution

4) Works good with landscape shots

5) Works good indoors

6) Self-timer (ie 10 second delay before shot taken)

7) Long battery life

8) Durable

9)Greatpicture quality

10) Affordable

Now the F10 is brand new and is priced around $400 (some places $350). The Orginal rebel can be bought for around $700 including the lens. The New Rebel Can be Bought for around $850 including the lens.

Ideally the price is much better for me with the F10. I have no photographer expeience as well (outside exposure compensation, shutter time, and ISO settings). The F10 has greatISOs at 100-800 and a just useable 1600.The F10 seems nice in that it has a 3x zoom which the rebel wouldn't with just the lens it comes with.The Rebel(s) seem attractive with the optical viewfinder, depth of view control, PQ, and manual controls but are honestly 3-400 dollars out of my price range.

Here are the things I will shoot in order of most often:

1) people indoors (gatherings, family, and friends)

2) Outside landscapes (ocean, mountains, city)

3) indoor shoots (in dim light such as restaurants, concert halls, etc)

4) Things in motion

5) things from a distance

I'll probably take between 250-500 pictures a year (which isn't much and thus the reason I'm wondering if spending 350-400 is more practicle than 700+)


I'm also married so my hobby money needs to be spent well. I love my audio/video hobby and for around 1K I can upgrade my 27" tv to a 30" HDTV or 41" RP HDTV.

XBOX 360 and PS3 are around the coner too.... SO the F10 is atractive.

Or should I wait to see is Fuji puts the New SCCD sensor in a more SLR-Like camera.

Thanks for taking the time to help.
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I am very happy owner of a F10 and I may say an experienced photographer (30 years or so)...

For details about my assessment of the f10 you may want to read what I wrote in the Fujifilm department in the "f10 and flash range" thread

What I can say in general: I really believe this camera can satisfy your requirements for objects according to 1) to 3) easily.Then you have the things that move fast, also this can be done since there is a special "sports program" that will look to minimize the shutter speed. Then there is the "objects from a distance" requirement: this is obviously limited by the zoom range, but as you said yourself, the standard zoom of the Rebel has even less range (but you have the option..) As a matter of fact: that is one of the key issues: the dslr system cameras give you options, while with a compact camera you are limited to the way it comes ((mostly) . although i feel that this is probably enough in most cases anyway...then you can also make use of the digital zoom of the f10 at least to double the focal length to a 200 mm equivalent. And I am using a Nikon teleconverter that I have from an old Niko coolpix (and actually a wideangle converter too) to extend the range. I have had plastic adapters fitted to them and I slip them over the lens tube...works great.

you could verify at the dpreview page, that the rebel and the f10 perform very similarly when photographing the typical studio setup that they use. However the dslr thru its larger sensor will have a larger dynamic range (good for situations with high contrast lighting)and also the framing and composition of pictures will be more precise on occasions. On the other hand, the f10 can be with you always, the rebel probably much less...

Hope I was able to help you a bit.

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andy - can you tell me if the F10 has a similar digital zoom to the E550 where it does an in camera crop so you dont lose imae quality? Thanks.
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montana: yes i believe that is the case and actually it seems to be even better than that. I have compared results from the digital zoom with crops made in photoshop: actually, if at all, the ones from the digital zoom were better than the ones in photoshop. As a result of which I turned the digital zoom mode on and I do use it (i guess up to roughly 2x) if applicable, the advantage being that you get a more correct metering result, since the camera does take into account only the useful pixels. altogether, from what i understand, the biggest progress in this camera does not come from the innovative CCD but from what the software engineers did with it....
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