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Old Sep 24, 2005, 8:04 PM   #1
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Hey Everyone,

Is the price difference between the Fuji F10 (around $300) and the Fuji E510 (around $135 w/ rebates) really worth it?

Ironically I have both in my possession now. The F10 is for me - I've played around with it for 2 days and generally like it, though it isn't exactly "wowing" me to death (except of course in low light, which was a big motivating factor)

The E510 is a Christmas gift for the parents. I've been trying to restrain myself from giving it a test run too since it is sealed in the box.

The MPs are relatively the same in my book (I don't particularly care if a camera is 5 or 6 MPs - either is plenty good for my use)

I like the speed of the F10, both start up and lack of shutter lag, and the low light performance. However, I also like that the E510 has a wide angle.

I basically want a good point/shoot camera to slide into the purse for everyday use -- including outside and inside shots - people, animals, landscapes.

I'm not a fan of the flash for inside shots, especially of people as it tends to be blinding & annoying and/or if in places where flashes aren't really appropriate.

So what is the verdict out there - is the F10 really worth $160-ish more than the E510?


** Oh one thing I forgot to mention - I'm not big on doing the Photoshop thing (or any "after" processing on the computer). I don't mind the simple stuff (cropping, resizing,etc) but beyond that...not going to happen
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I'd like to hear what people say. I'm about to put my foot down and buy a F10.
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Old Sep 26, 2005, 9:23 PM   #3
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Another day with my F10 and the more I like it. Well it isn't that I didn't like it to begin with but I've decided it is a keeper. It isn't the perfect camera (please tell me what one is) but I'm definitely happy with it. The more I use it, the more I like it and there is just nothing that can beat these low light shots.

I'd still love to hear any other thoughts or opinions if they are out there!
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Old Sep 28, 2005, 5:29 PM   #4
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Today our team went out for some fun and played putt-putt golf. It is brilliantly sunny today (temps in the mid 80's) and I took a TON of pictures with the Fuji F10 today. It is definitely a keeper. I had no problem in the bright sun with the LCD. (Of course, I have problems seeing anything in bright sun which is why I always wear sunglasses...even with them, I saw the shots pretty well).

Most of the shots were in Auto mode with either the camera set to ISO 80 or in Auto - pics came out great.

I guess I'll wait until the holidays and see how my parents E510 does.

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