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What are you opinions of getting an F30 vs an A700? How are they different? What would be more useful? What is your preference? Thanks!
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I went for the F30. Image quality is close in daylight, and blows it away on indoor/low light situations which require higher ISOs. The variable flash also helps. It's also pocketable, has a nice screen, and long battery life.

The A700 though has a nice 6x zoom, and at full zoom, 210mm equivalent, it's actually still a quicker lens (f/4.8 ) than the Fuji at it's full 3x 128mm equivalent (f/5.0). So if you're shooting something where you need some zoom, The A700 should nearly as well as the Fuji even in low light. And it would be better in good light.

What it comes down to is the Fuji is at least a full stop better in high ISO performance (and some would say nearly 2); ISO 400 will be better than ISO 200 on the Cannon. But the Cannon at 3x zoom should be near a full stop better than the Fuji. I'm not sure exactly what the Cannon will do at 128mm equivalent, but if it can do a f/3.5 apperture, that would be a full stop better than f/5.0. Thus, you could use ISO 200 and get the same shutter speed as the Fuji with a f/5.0 apperture at ISO 400.

Still, if you are tryng to get a shot in low light, and are using the wide angle to get the largest apperture, both should be around 2.8, so the Fuji is a clear winner there. But if you want high ISO while zooming in, as in wanting quick shutter for shooting sports, or freezing motion in good light, you might do as well with the Cannon .

The Cannon is probably just a bit nicer in it's menus and features. It has a similar LCD screen size, but not as good resolution as the Fuji. And it isn't far behind in battery life. It uses the more common SD memory format. And it has more complete manual controls, as well as an optical viewfinder. But it's also nearly twice as big, with 16.4 cubic inches in volume compared to 8.7 for the F30.

I also like the F30's metal body a bit better, though both cameras equally lose points for their plastic battery doors and tripod mounts.

For me, overall, picture quality is close, with a bit of an advantage for Fuji, since I really like the high ISO performance, but the deciding factor is I'm getting that in a package I can slip into my pants pocket. You could argue that the A700 is easier to hold, and it does have a nice grip. But that also makes it too fat to comfortably pocket, except maybe in a large jacket pocket.

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