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song.exe Jul 24, 2007 8:07 AM

Any opionions? As you can probably tell from my choices, I'm looking for a semi-portable camera that has good point-and-shoot capabilities.

I like the F40 for its amazing low light capabilities. Apparently it has an image stabilization system as well, but I can't get any comfirmation on this. xD cards are kind of a pain, though...

I know the 700IS is a great camera, but it's getting hard to find now brand new in retail stores -- how does the newer 850IS compare to it? How do both of these cameras compare to the Fuji F40fd (and/or F30).

Thanks for reading! =D

Snappy Happy Jul 24, 2007 2:52 PM

Hi, Song. Just to help you out with your choices, the F40 has digital image stabalization, but not optical.But it doesaccept both xD and SD cards (something Fuji is doing with their newest models). A lot of people on the Fuji forum at another site feel the F31 (xD only) is the best F series camera yet, so you might want to look at that one. It is a 6mp camera, yes, but with a much larger, uncrowdedsensor, image quality is regarded asbest in class. If price is a factor, it's also significantly less expensive than the Canon SD850. Like $100 less expensive. The Canon, on the other hand, does have IS, a bit more zoom, and 8mp. Either camera would be a fine choice, but for me, the significant price difference would be the deciding factor.

song.exe Jul 25, 2007 3:11 AM

Snappy Happy: Thanks for your response. I was considering the F31fd as well, but a few things turned me off from it:

- it's a big more blocky than the F40fd (which is kind of a minor issue to be honest, but it's there -- I realize the F40fd sacrifices battery life for it's size, though)
- xD only
- Most importantly, it's a pain in the butt to find in retail stores. I'm in Canada right now, but will be going to the US to buy the camera with the surging Canadian dollar. It's difficult enough to find the F40fd in stock at retail locations (many are online only), and a lot of places dont even carry the F31fd.

Price isn't /too/ much of a factor, but this camera shoudl probably be under $400 USD at the very very very very high end.

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