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Default Fuji JZ100 vs JZ250: Which would be Sharper?

Dear Forum,
I am considering these two cameras. I want the one with the best image quality. The 100 is 14MP, and the 250 is 16MP. I thought I had run across something saying that lower MP cameras produce sharper images. Is this right?
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Image quality comes down to so many factors- as does sharpness.
From sensor type,on board processing,quality of lens/glass....etc.
Megapixel count is probably the least important- especially at the price point of these two Fuji's- and quite often can hinder image quality- if not slow the camera down with the extra processing necessary.
However,possibly more significant is the fact that from what I can see,the 100 uses a CCD sensor and the 250 seems to use a CMOS type- generally considered to be better in lower light- and the CMOS equipped cameras always seem to perform faster also.
The JZ250
and the 100
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Thanks for your expert opinion, Simon! The review was quite positive. Thanks; I hadn't found that.
I think I will try it (the 250). I just have to find a good place to buy that allows free returns if I find I don't like it!
Looks like B&H has the best price!

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