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I´m looking for a new digi-cam. I search in the market and choose those two.

I like a lolt more the fuji that SLR boy really makes me, the 10x zoom, and the fuji quality... but thereare so little reviwes on the net (only in CZnet).. :roll:

By the other side i have the FZ% wich is an excelent cam, all the reviews that i found say that is one of the best cam in is class.. but i don´t find it very atractive.. :O

wich camera do you think it´s better?


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I am not sure that is a totaly honest question. I had it down to the FZ5/FZ20 or the Fuji S5200/S5600 also. After all the reviews, and research, and sample pictures here is the path I took and why.
I look back at the kind of photo's I shot. I discovered I shot about 30% insoide with existing light, another 15% with flash, the rest outside.
So what does that leave with the two choices.
FZ5 is great outdoors, and has a slightly longer zoomwith IS.
S5200 has better low light capability and anti-shake

The FZ5 does not take all that good pictures in existing light conditions. IS is no help in that area because it counters camera movement, not subject movement. With the slower shutter speeds needed in low light and the FZ5's slightly noiser sensor, the Fuji seemed like a better choice. The small amount of zoom and the anti-shake vs. image stablization were about a wash.
So I got the S5200, and so far I just love it. But of the 170 pics I have taken with it the last 3 weeks, 90% of them have been indoor/low light, and it does excel in that area. My outdoor shots have been pretty dang good where I have no complaints. But I can't say the 5200 is "better" than the FZ5. I think outdoors in decent light the FZ5 would shine slightly over the S5200.

So the question becomes, which camera shoots better the way YOU shoot?

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Fala João...

I'm a Panasonic fan myself. I shoot airplanes, mostly, which means being outside, wanting all the zoom you can get, and having good IS to deal with occasionally slow shutter speeds. I don't think you can get a better digicam to shoot sports, wildlife, or to sneak shots of people from far away, if you have plenty of light to work with. I agree that thePanasonics aresuperior outdoors, and that the new Fujis are superior indoors.If you plan on taking pictures at parties, concerts, plays, or other indoor/evening events, the Fuji might have the slight edge. It depends on what kind of pictures you take most often. Both cameras are great, so you can't really go wrong.

Boa sorte na sua escolha! Qualquer outra pergunta, visita o meu site ou me manda um email, ou pergunta aqui no forum. Valeu!

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The Fuji S-5200 or the S-9000 with ISO 1600 capability is hard to beat.

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The Fuji is much better. I just bought one. Can't think of a single problem I have encountered so far. More well thought out than the FZ5
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When shooting low light level photos. Which ISO speed would you prefer?

Max ISO Speed on the Panasonic FZ-5=ISO 400

Max ISO speed on the Fuji s-5200 and the s-9000=ISO 1600

Now, which camera do you want to look at seriously?

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Hi there,

I just got back from a concert in vegas, here are tons of pics I took using my S5200:


I took all shots in iso400 and 800, I stayed away from iso1600 because it's not really usable unless you shoot in RAW.

Yes, the S5200 has no I.S., but if you can find a place to seat or lean on, you really don't need it even at full-zoom.

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