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I'm trying to choose between a Fuji s5600(/5200) and a Kodak z740. Its for my dad who is a bit of a technophobe but enjoys photography at an amateur/enthusiast level. It'll be used for a wide range of stuff. Landscapes, nature, architecture, indoor occasions, but not sport. The Kodak is £185 the Fuji £235 at ukdigitalcameras or 260 on the high street. Both with a 512 memory card.

So I have all these questions:
The Fuji lcd/evf is lower res than the Kodak is this a problem.
The Fuji has a smaller max aperture of f/3.2. Kodak is f/2.8. is this significant.
The Kodak normal focus range goes lower to 60cm. Fuji is 90. is this significant.
Is the Fuji very hard to learn or to get the best out of.
Some Kodak pictures look a bit over processed, almost too vivid and vibrant. Can you turn of the "Kodak Colour".
Is the Kodak too slow between shots.
Are the extra features on the Fuji really worth the extra money.
How easy is manual focus to use with buttons instead of a proper lens ring.
Is the better movie mode worth it. I cant get the samples to play properly.

Well thats about it. Thanks for your time, I hope someone can help.
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Both the Kodak Z-740 and the Fuji S-5600 have been rated rather well in the professional reviews. However, you must keep in mind that they are rather different in what they as designed to do.

The Kodak Z-740 is a classic point and shoot long zoom digital camera. It is not designed for low light level shooting. The Kodak Color Science chip within the camera cannot be turned off.

On the other hand, The Fuji S-5600 is also a point and shoot long zoom digital camera. However,the Fuji hasan ISO capability going much higher (1600) ratherthan the Kodak's maximum setting of ISO 400. This would be a keen feature if your father was interested in low level or night photography. Naturally along with more complexity comes a longer learning cure to be able to use all of the features on the Fuji camera.

Focusing on both cameras is done automatically with a press of the shutter release to the half way down position. If the user of either camera desires to focus manually, it can be done using the LCD screen and the buttons on the real of the camera. Manual focus takes some getting used to. The Kodak is a bit slower at start up and between shots than the Fuji. The extra features are only worth it, if those features will be used. The video clip mode on these two cameras is somewhat different. The Kodak Z-740 uses the MPEG-4 format which allows measurably longer video clips saved to a smaller portion of the camera's SD card. The Fuji S-5600 uses the AVI format which will require more SD card space and the video clips will be somewhat shorter, than the Kodak.

I believe I have answered all of your questions, but please post again if you desire more information.

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Thanks for your reply
I get the impression from the reviews that the Kodak image quality is a bit better. Things like chromatic aberration and Corner Sharpness. But the fuji seems just a better camera.
The better resolution EVF suggests you can take a better photo, make a better judgment of the scene, with the kodak.
I think my dad prefers the fuji for its better spec' as he used to be a keen photographer.
I just don't want him to spend the extra money and not be happy with the results. But I'v not heard any criticism of ether.

Well I have some thinking to do. Thanks for the help, I'll report back on my choice.

Ps. the fuji tripod mount is of centre do people sell some kind of bracket to correct this. I'm thinking for panorama shots.
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Well he's gone for the Fuji. I think he'll get more out of it long term.
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