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Just ordered the fuji s8000. After reading reviews on s6000 though wondering if I made wrong choice. s6000 seems to handle iso's much better although the few reviews out say that s8000 is decent at iso up to 800 considering its smaller sensor. wonder if this would be much better for what i want the camera for. My children moving around in soccer practive dance class, etc. Doesnt a higher iso capture fast moving objects better?

I have ten days to exchange camera if I change my mind. Anyone here use fuji s6000 for fast moving pictures. From what I have read image stabilization only compensates for hand shake, not fast moving subjects or objects, am I correct? Seems like higher ISO would do better at what I need, freezing moving objects for clearer pictures.

I dont mind larger camera if its better at what I need it for. I already have a canon a620 for a pocket camera. Any input is appreciated.
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anyone , anyone fuji owners please.
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Hello Doug, I read your questions and I too puzzled at similar lines of thought at some point.

The S8000fd V.S. S6000fd; here's what I feel are the top 3 pros (of each).
- S8000fd: Zoom 18x, takes SD & xD Cards, SLR & Point-n-Shoot hybrid
- S6000fd: Zoom Ring, Filters & Lens Available, Looks/feels/handles like SLR

Hmmm, ISO. It's true that with old film cameras a higher ISO can be desireable.
With the digital cameras that I've used, putting the ISO way up just seems to muddle the picture, leaving a poorer quality photo.
Set at a highest ISO's, digital cameras seem to put more static into the photo and less detail.
But let me point out that I never own a digital camera that costs like $800 or more.
I would hope those cameras would be better.

I think your correct about image stabilization only compensating for camera shake.
The S8000fd manual recommends following fast moving subjects/objects. (instead of point and shoot)
The S8000fd does have a Sport setting for the SP1 or SP2 modes, and it also has a few photo burst modes too.
Perhaps a fast shutter and high ISO on a digital camera may compensate for moving object blur. But that's just a guess though, hopefully someone more experianced can let us know a bit more.

Have a look at steves S6000 review:
Then look here at this discussion:

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In terms of 18X optical zoom cameras, the Panasonic FZ-18 seems to be leading the pack. And it costs less. I have attached a sample FZ-18 photo for you to review.

Keep in mind that price-wise you are right at the prices being asked for the consumer level DSLR cameras. The Sony A-100 with IS built into the camera, so that every lens you place on the A-100 has IS. This will save the cost of IS equipped lenses. The A-100 body is selling for $599 qnd there are all kinds of used K-M lenses out there that will cost less and fit perfectly. Or you can opt for a single lens solution and mount a Tamron 18-250mm (about $450) on the camera.

The Canon XTi is about the same price but does not have IS built into the camera. Keep in mind that either of the DSLR's would give you a much better higher and more useable ISO settings.

When you are looking for a new camera, check out the cameras that are priced at just about the same price.

Sarah Joyce

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