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Well, the FZ5 is for sure a good choice. If you're really trying to push down the price, it will for sure make you happy about every euro you spent. If you're doing 4X prints, you'll never notice any noise up to ISO200, for ISO400 you might use Noiseware or something similar, then your prints will be OK for sure. And, you'll really love image stabilization.

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schmiedel wrote:
You will hardly find someone who has all these cameras. I took the Canon S2 as I saw some advantages over the Panasonic models (clearly better than the FZ-5, and averages with the FZ20 which is more expensive and has not such good video). That was my reason for taking the S2 over the FZ20, the 2.7 aperture against 3.5 at full zoom doesn't bother me too much.

Finally everything is a matter of opinions, taste, etc. If you're a Fuji fan, you'll take the Fuji, and you will live without IS in exchange with the high ISO settings, the same if you're a Canon fan you'll live with the lower ISO settings and compensate it with IS (unless you use a tripod, there the Fuji will not need IS and the IS in the Canon will be useless).

In my case, I use a lot of SD cards, so a camera that works with something that isn't CF or SD is out of question for me (there's a CF to SD adapter). Why? I can show pictures with my PocketPC or a Palm, and I have other devices that use SD which I don't necessary use at the same time as the camera, so I just need one set of SD cards. If I had to pay extra for xD cards, I would preffer to invest that money for a dSLR that uses CF cards and buy the 30USD adapter.

The best possible way you could decide is considering what pictures you will take. If most of your pictures will be taken with low light conditions where the use of a flash is not adequate, go for Fuji. If you will use a lot of big zooming and don't think carrying a tripod all the time is a good practice, go for Canon or Panasonic.

Now, between Canon and Panasonic, check if you preffer to have good video (Canon) or a high aperture at full zoom (Panasonic FZ20).

If the Canon or Panasonic FZ20 are too expensive, decide between the Fuji 5200 (good ISO) and the FZ5 (IS).

If you want everything and just can't make any sacrifices, but don't want to spend too much, consider the Konika-Minolta 5D (dSLR), it will cost you less than buying two P&S cameras, has IS integrated in the body and extra lenses are not really expensive.


Hi schmiedel!

I´m still starting in real digital photography, but want to learn, "grow with it", so manual controls are very important (Does FZ-5 have manual focus?).My first utility for the camera is artistical. Urban themes, people, social problems and big cities peculiarities. So, more external and daylight use, no tripod (IS recommended, right?), and also good zoom, for people and buildings close up. AA batteries is very important, because until where I knowit´s too hard to find specific batteries here in Brazil (such as the KM 5D one).

TheS2 video mode seems to be useless (7 min. for 1 GB?!) even with its qualities. About the cards, i only have two CF (32 and 256 MB), and don´t use them with other equipment.

The KM 5D seems to be very interesting, with built-in IS and an attractive price for the resources(what a bang for the buck!). In spite of this, the price is too high for me this moment).

Thanks for the help!
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Oh my god, so many doubts! I dreamed about Panasonic cameras this night (is it an omen?:lol. Once again reading reviews and forums, I´m realizing that Fuji won´t be a good choice, because of the day light main use. The battle now is between S2 and FZ-5/20/30, and don´t forget H1, it´s still alive!

Well, is theS2 really better than FZ-5, even in image quality? (I´m not too concerned about noise... daylight use...) If it´s right, then Canon wins. If not, then I must compare FZ-5 with 20 and 30. Which are the differences, beyond MP, size and manual focus? What about image quality?

I´m waiting for some answer. Thanks!

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The S2 video mode is hardly useless. If you want to shoot feature length films get a camcorder. The video mode should be seen as a short movie clip making feature.

The Fuji is not worse during the day than the rest (I think). I dont thing the S2 has better image quality than the FZ5, but not realy worse either.
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it is easily to be said: it depends.

If you want to make films: the Canon S2 is better.

If you only want to make pictures: the resolution of the panasonic-images is higher. This camera has the best objectives of all the cameras: Leica.
In respect to the noise: you can reduce this by programs, eg. NeatImage ....

The FZ30 is better (and more expensive) than the FZ20 and this camera is better (and more expensive) than the FZ5.

You must decide for your own.

Regards Peter
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