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My situation is that I'm looking for a 5/6mp compact camera, with a 640x480 30fps video mode. I currently have a Casio Exilim Z4, and I'm pleased with the image quality of it, but I would like a camera with better quality video mode for recording at rock gigs that I go to, and also a camera that deals better with low light conditions.

I like to try my hand at more professional photography as well, as it is a hobby of mine, but for the moment I would prefer a non-SLR camera with a bit of control over things such as aperture and shutter settings, so that I can use the camera for gigs and standard outdoor photography.

The first camera I looked at was the Casio Exilim S500, as it is slim, compact, attractive, familiar to me, and uses MPEG4 technology for the video, which means I can fit more on a 1GB card.

The second camera was the Samsung Digimax i5 - also slim and compact, with a non-extending lens, and also uses MPEG4 technology for the video.
This camera also has a 15 second long exposure mode, which I'm interested in for experimenting with night-time photography.

Then I discovered the latest Fujifilm Finepix range, particularly the new F11 and the Z2.
The Z2 immediately attracted me due to the high range of ISO settings, up to 1600, which would be great for shooting in low light conditions such as gigs. It is also slim and features a non-extending lens, and great looks, with high res LCD screen.
However it does not have a long exposure mode, as far as I'm aware (?) and uses AVI MJPEG for movies, which is far more of a memory gobbler than MPEG4, and I wouldn't be able to fit as much video onto a 1GB card. Also XD....not as good as SD?
I would like to know if this camera features a long exposure mode of up to 15 seconds like the F11!

The F11 seems to offer more, at the expense of being bulky and not as pocketable.
It has better battery life, obviously 6 as opposed to 5 megapixels, the same high ISO range, up to 1600 (and 800 ISO for movies) and also offers an attractive feature for me, aperture and shutter priority modes. It also doesn't require a cradle to charge/connect - something I don't like with my Exilim Z4, and offers an AV out.
It appears to have a lower res screen than the Z2? Only 153,000 pixels compared to the Z2's 232,000 pixels....will this be a noticeable difference?

That's basically my dilemma at the moment - all the cameras have features which I like, but it's hard to find one that has it all!

Does anyone know of any other cameras similar to these that I might be interested in, or can anyone offer any advice/opinions on the above cameras?

Thanks a lot!
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The F11 is pretty pocketable, though not in the smallest pockets. I my F10 in my pant pockets all the time. If the Z2 is like the Z1, then its picture quality will disappoint, esspecially in color accuracy, although it has good noise control. The Z2 has a max shutter speed of 4 seconds.

The xD chip is actually better than SD in some ways, but xD tends to be more expensive, and isn't yet available in sizes as large as SD. The better pictures and lower noise of the F11 make up for it's lower res screen. My F10 has only 115k pixels, and it is not an issue, so 153k should be plenty.
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