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I am thinking to buy a new camera. Y choose both of th subject. Can you recommend any of them?

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I've been making the online rounds to Steve's DigiCam reviews, as well as other websites I can find that offer any reviews and especially pictures to look at and compare. As well as hitting every store in town to play with the cameras. I can't speak about the Fuji Z20, but the FX3 made it to my final list, as well as the Canon A630 and Kodak C875.

Price was part of the consideration in addition to image quality and also how well I tended to like a camera's software on-screen menus. But here's what happened today, I purchased a camera...but it ended up being the Panasonic DMC-LZ5 (6 MP - 6x Optical Zoom), why?

Because of these reasons:

1) Best Buy is selling them for $179.00

2) It was still 6 MP like the FX3

3) It offered far better looking pictures than the FX3

4) The portrait pictures Steve has posted for the LZ5 are astoundingly detailed (when compared to the FX3 and the other mentioned cameras. If you did closeup portraits only, the LZ5 excels at that it appears.

5) I really like how Panasonic does their camera menus, very intuitive, quick, and easy to setup the camera.

6) Optical Image Stabilization

Do yourself an image comparison (like I did) by opening several internet browser windows, and open the same scenes taken from the Panasonic FX3, LZ5, LX1 and the Canon A630 that Steve has posted here for the photo samples.

When comparing photos here at Steve's, the LZ5 (6 MP) came very close (if not equal) to the image quality of the Canon A630 (which is an 8 MP camera)...and definitely had far better quality than the FX3. The upside about the Panasonic cameras, is that they offer "optical image stabilization" and it's not just a marketing ploy...it really does work well. I took some test shots at a full 6x tele, and was floored at how well some (not all nessarily) of the pictures turned out. You would have never thought I had used the zoom because the image stablization works that well. So it was the image quality of the LZ5 that steered me away from the FX3.

And here's what ultimately steered me away from the Canon A630:

1) No realtime histogram meter (histogram only displays on image playback)
2) No image stabilization
3) The images looked marginally better than the LZ5, but it was so close, with some of the LZ5 images seeming to excel in some respects.

What steered me away from the Kodak C875:
1) No image stabilization

Anyway, not sure if this answers your question specifically, but it gives you some more food for thought...good luck, I know how difficult it is to makeup one's mind about buying a newer camera. I orignally started off with just wanting a 6 MP camera, then I started researching more online, and started thinking I had to have a 8 MP camera (in case I wanted to do some cropping), but then read enough online articles that alluded to the fact that some 6 MP cameras can actually take better images than their updated 8 MP versions, since cramming more pixels onto the same size imager does not always make a camera technically better.
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Many thanks for your opinion. It is really useful for me. I'm a beginner with this. I orefer de Pan FX3, biy you have reason, and I will compare fotos between then an not only the tecnical characteristics or appearence.

Thanks, ;-)
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