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The way I read that review is that he actually used the D3 to shoot 7500 frames at the Osaka games - so those shots (though heavily photoshopped later) were real action shots.

He also does lots of studio work too, but my interpretation was that he also does
live sports shooting, which is how he tested the D3 on this occasion.

It looks like a fabulous camera.
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JohnG wrote:
DarkDTSHD wrote:
Only another month or so before we get the D3/D300....
Correction - only another month or so before they're RELEASED. Who knows how long it may take to actually get one. I expect the demand to be high so there may be an additional month or two to get your hands on one.
Ummm I think in general that will and is usually the case. But, I think that also depends where you live.

For example, lets take the Canon 40D. It's official release date, in Canada, was September 20th. Yet, people in the US, Torontoand Asia, pickedup theirs from the shops in late August--early September. And these are not the guys who pre-ordered.

So, perhaps those looking to buy a D300 might not have to wait. But as for the D3 I was told that they (first batches) will only be sold to working photographers. At least here in Canada. You actually will have to prove you are a working photographer to buy one. Though, I'm sure people will find their way around that, depending on the shop you go to.

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Here's the qoute that made me think he doesn't usually shoot live sporting events:
Rarely do I shoot a project in this style where I have just one chance to get the image. The majority of my work is large production fashion, advertising and sports, and usually every session is done in many multiple variations to eventually move to the right look
It sounded to me like more staged shots. Not to take anything away from him. But anyone that says they rarely "have just one chance to get the image" doesn't sound like an action photog to me. Still, as I said, I found his other comments regarding exposure and IQ to be very useful - also the comments about the 'film like' quality of the noise.
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I was just looking through Professional Photographer magazine's website. And to my surprise they had a bit of information. And an archieve of equipment reviews saved in PDF file format for us to download.

What I was surprised to see were "pro reviews" of non-professional equipment. Like the Nikon D40 and D80. Canon G6. Even "semi-professional" cameras like the Canon 30D and Nikon D200. Though, the articles were obviously targeted towards the working photographer audience.

I only read the "pro review" for the Canon 5D so far.

While somewhat informative it was more a "user's impressions" type article rather than a "test report" or "review". Or that was my feeling.

Still, I do look forwards to reading their "pro review" for the Nikon D300 and D3. It's good to read about impressions from working photogs. Which the "reviewers" are at www.ppmag.com.

Here's a link to their list of "pro reviews": http://www.ppmag.com/goods-productreview.php

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