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OK here's the delema. I just picked up a new in the box FZ10 for $300.00 from a camera shop that went out of business. Do I keep it or sell it on ebay and take the extra money to buy the FZ20 ? I have been reading a lot of posts with very mixed feelings about the FZ20 and the quality of it's pictures. I am very familiar with the 35mm format but I am brand new to the digital seen. This is my first digital purchase. Is the FZ20 a formidable upgrade or would you stay with the FZ10 ? I realistically could purchase the FZ20 for about $400.00 (after selling the FZ10) of my own money.

All opinions welcome !!

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Keep the FZ10, use ISO 50 only and manual mode and stun everyone else with the fantastic photographs you take. For indoor photography use a flash with a rotating head so you can adjust exposure, keeping the camera at 50 ISO, and you will be a happy camper who has saved some money.

It's a great camera and it's going to be nice for many who will now be able to afford it because it's on the discontinued list.

I've owned one for 6 months and don't plan on trading it in.

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Keep the FZ10 for now

Wait for the "reviews***" on the FZ20 when it is out.

***reviews = Steve's review plus reviews of FZ20 owners on this forum.

You got a SUPER deal on your FZ10!

Buy a 512 MB Ultra II SD card cheap and you will have lots of photos to share with friends and fam.

Normcar, btw, is a very experienced FZ10 owner so I would give weight to what he says also.

Keep it for now
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