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I have decided to opt for the Panny FZ20, simply because I feel it will suit my needs for years to come and offers many of the features I need in a camera!. However can anyone tell me what the macro mode is like? I know that Nikon are usually (according to reviews) the king's in this area, but just wanted to know if the FZ20 offers average results or better?

Edit: Forgive my mispelling of the word 'Macro' (",)

thanks a lot

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Go to the Panasonic forum -- you will see some amazing shots there.....

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This is what Imaging Resource says:
"Closeups: A very small macro area with great detail, though a dim exposure. Flash has trouble up close, and is blocked by the lens. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 performed very well in the macro category, capturing a minimum area of only 1.46 x 1.10 inches (37 x 28 millimeters). Resolution was very high, and fine detail strong in the dollar bill, coins, and brooch. Details were softer on the coins and brooch due to the close shooting range, as well as from some lens distortion in the corners of the frame. (Most digicams produce images with soft corners when shooting in their Macro modes.) The image was a little dark, as the camera was so close to the subject that the lens blocked some of the lighting (a macro ring light might prove more effective here). The Panasonic FZ20's flash is ill-placed for shooting at such close range, as the large lens blocks most of the lighting from it. (Again, a macro ring light may be the best option, but definitely plan on using some sort of external lighting for your closest macro shots with the FZ20.)"

I found in another review that the size of the macro area increases dramatically as you zoom out. You could remove the lens shade and zoom out to get flash coverage, but your macro area increases by as much as 25 times when you zoom.

Found it – from dpreview:
" The FZ20 has a rather unusual approach to macro focusing. There is no macro button, and in A, S and M modes the full focus range (from 5cm to infinity at the wide end of the zoom) is available all the time, whereas in P (fully automatic) mode you can only focus down to 30cm; presumably to speed up focusing in everyday snap shooting situations. Then there is a separate macro mode (on the main mode dial) that offers fully automatic exposure - just like the P mode - but focuses down to 5cm (again at the wide end of the zoom). As is common in zoom cameras the FZ20's macro capabilities are much better at the wide end of the zoom (5cm subject distance capturing an area around 43mm across), and there is inevitably some barrel distortion (and some color fringing). At the full 12x zoom position the close focus ability is less impressive - a subject distance of 200cm capturing an area around 12cm across, but there is no distortion at all."

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Superb, excellent replies again! This has re-affirmed my decision to go with the Panasonic. The only thing I'm concerned about now is low-light performance. Although I won't be taking the majority of my shots indoors (family etc) it would be good if the Panny had 'reasonable' performance in this area...does it?

nice one guys

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