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I'm presently caught between trying to decide whether to by the FZ30 or the Nikon D50. I presently own an FZ20 but am really impressed with the changes to the 30. I am wondering which will give me the best pics for family, nature and landscapes.
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Hi there,

a difficult question this one. I think if you are happy with your fz20, then the fz30 will also be good for you. Of course if you are willing to spend some extra money on lenses, the Nikon d50 will surely surpass both in terms of image quality. Being a dslr the d50 also is relatively easy to handle with its huge variety of presets.
If you do not want to spend quite a lot of money on lenses however, you will not at all be able to cover the enormous zoom-range of the fz-series in decent quality. Apart from that, no dslr offers a video-mode and kids often like this a lot.

I had the chance to compare my brother's fuji s2 pro dslr to my compact cams and I cannot deny that they did not stand chance against it. Still I decided to stay with the compact format for the better ease of use.
I take photographs mostly when I'm together with other people. I noticed that I do not want them always to wait for me to change lenses etc. And taking decent photographs with a slr takes a little time.
Another thing is the swivel, twist, flip or whatever displays that I really like a lot on various compact cams (including the fz30). They are not only comfortable to handle IMO, but also give you the chance to capture a shot much more discreetly. I prefer to grab pictures of people when they are unaware of it. And this is not that easy with a bulky dslr raised in front of your eye.
Once I'm rich and powerful I wil maybe buy a dslr for "serious photography" and keep a compact for snapshots. Until then I guess I'll stick with the prosumers.
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as a current FZ20 owner myself, i appreciate your dilemma. let's just say that while any good DSLR will blow away a "prosumer" cam like the FZ's in terms of noise and speed (focus as well as shot-to-shot), no DSLR can TOUCH the FZ20/30 for zoom capability, unless you want to spend upwards of $750-$1000 on lenses. if you're serious enough about photography to really need or wanta DSLR, get a good one and spend the money for top-notch glass (remember, the "kit" lenses that come with DSLR's are rarely better than average in terms of image quality...) otherwise, i'd stick with the FZ. it'll give you print quality almost equal to a DSLR up to about 11x14, and if you have to do a little cleaning up of noise, just think of the money you DIDN'T have to spend on that DSLR and lenses...
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