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I currently have the Canon A40 (Great 2.0 MP) and have decided it may soon be time to upgrade.


After numerous reviews, it's seems toodifficult togive up Canon, since I've been so please with the A40. Ithink the choices come down to the soon to be released A95 and the S60.

A95 - Likes and Dislikes
Beautiful Swivel screen and the fact that I already have a 512 Compact Flash Card and 2 sets of Monster NIHM batteries (dang, they last long!) There would be no need to get extra equipment! On the Downside, it is heavy in the loose pocket/cargo pants pocket, something I was hoping to get away from.

S60 - Likes and Dislikes
Smaller and more pocketable, 28mm wide angle built in, same manual features as A95. The main downside is the proprietary batteries.

Bothseem tohave all the manual/creative features I want. I don't care about video. In the end, picture quality comes in 1st. Sure, I know it comes down to basic preference, but I'd like to find out if there are major differences to consider, or simply if a cool swivel screen on a heavier camwould be worth having over a smaller more pocketable cam.


Does, or has Canon ever offered a powershot camerawithout the extra packaged equipment for less cost?

Thanks for your opinions.

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The Canon A-95 would be a much better choice as it is more rugged, dependable, and will produce essentially the same digital photos.From my experience, and I own the Canon S-45 and the Canon A-80. The A series cameras are just more dependable.

Sarah Joyce
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A series camerasuse AA size batteries and have readily available lens and filter adapters. I believe the S series cameras have some sort of uncompressed mode, not really a big deal for most people as long as jpeg compression is not too high. The pocketability issue is not a big deal, just get bigger pockets.

I have used an earlier s-30 model and it was much more confusing to use compared to the very straightforward A series. Once you use a swivel LCD screen you will not want to go back to the fixed type. (my Pentax Optio has a swivel LCD)



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im in the same situation!

But i have a question! s60 has a lot of distortion at wide angle... that really sucks!! is so big that problem? or only occurs on test pictures??

Also with te release of a95 5mp i was wondering if there is really a notisable diference respect image quility between s60 and a95.

or to make it more simple between A and S series?

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