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Default get a used one

This is scary for electronics: the used stuff.
it happens after you open a package to any electronics at all.
I gave up on the glamour and latest reviews, I go used.
Ebay has a means to gather "stuff", especially camera (26000 cameras any given day listed). Search for original box, cd, cables, straps, and guarantee of no DOA and that is as good as it gets. The used option is for me. My locale has gone through about 1000 dollars worth of point and shoot type cameras for my regular use. It is is nerve racking as you feel, testing the new camera with a 300 dollar price tag at the store. The glamour goes away as soon as the box is open. And lastly: any glass lense with 3mp cmos and above seems to be my champion, even through the very bad seasons my locale gets.
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There is a lot to be said for sticking to pre-owned digital cameras. Any issues have been resolved by the previous owner, who simply thinks that it's time for something new, and isn't likely to try to pass off something faulty.

On the other hand, the more something has been used, the sooner you can expect it to break. There's a whole branch of science & engineering called RM&A (Reliability, Maintainability and Availability) that studies this. Basically, the longer you use something, the sooner it will fail, and the older it is the longer it will take to repair, and so the older something is the less use you'll get out of it.

To be sure, you'd be paying a lot less for a used product than a new one, but in addition to buying something less useful, you'd also be missing out on newer features and capabilities, like "Face Recognition" and "Smile Recognition", like better lenses, and like higher resolution image sensors. If you pay for just the last half of a product's life expectancy (which, from your starting point, is a lot more variable than when the product was new), you'd still be missing out on these.
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I got a great deal on my D50 used from ebay. otherwise I would still be shooting film. The seller I bought from had a 7 day return policy. I had no AF lenese but a friend loaned me one so I could make sure everthing worked. to this day it works great.

On the other hand I bought a different used digital camera that died a week after I got it. I dont think the seller had any way of knowing I don't blame him. its the risk you take buing used.
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