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Default Getting the best deal on a new release...

OK, so I'm waiting impatiently for my T2i to come around. I can't imagine Canon screwing this up, so I'm not too worried about a review.

Since this will sell at full retail for awhile, where do I go for some perks, like a free bag or something? Is there advantage to pre-ordering? Better deals if I wait?


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If you an early buyer, the most important issue, at least to me, is the ability to return the camera. Next comes elimination of any charges or re-stocking fees, if I do make a return.

Looking for a free bag or such, in my mind again, as a long time retailer myself, is somewhat short sighted. Any retailer worth their salt, is going to have factored the cost of that bag into the price as they priced that kit or package. In short if you purchase before, at, or shortly after product introduction, you are going to pay pretty much right at the MSRP price. The price is usually not discounted until around 6 months after product introduction.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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I would not expect any kind of deal by buying early. Quite the opposite actually. But you do get the advantage of having the latest and (presumably) greatest and enjoying it longer.
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I ordered the T2i for Hards stated reasons and went in knowing that there was not going to be a discount. But I wanted a camera and decided I could wait 5-6 weeks to get it if it offered anything I could use. I looked and googled just to make sure, but MSRP was it.
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I looked up the T1i MSRP, and I see that today's selling price is $30-50 less, almost a year after it's release. I can afford that sort of premium to buy the T2i on its release date and get a little practice in before the summer vacation.

At the same time, such a small decrease in selling price indicates that there isn't that much extra margin when selling at MSRP - I was thinking a retailer had margin to spare with a new release like this, allowing for some perks to draw customers in when price alone doesn't do it, but apparently not.

Are any of Steve's preferred sponsors accepting pre-orders?
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