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hey every one just joined because thsi seemed the best site to ask this i am getting a digital slr for christmas and think that my decission is going to be the olympus e500 can i have some help your opinions just anything to make my mind up thanks

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Welcome! It would be helpful if you provided a little more information regarding what types ofphotography you are interested in. Unfortunately there is no holy grail of cameras out there. So whether this camera is the right one for you or not depends entirely on how you intend to use it.

So let us know what you plan to photograph and if you already have in mind a list of desired or required features from a camera and there are plenty of people here that can give you some helpful advice.
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i love photography and up until now have been using a film slr and 5 mp digital camera but want a proffesssional type digital slr i do not really take pictures of anything specific just everything really i love sunsets and skylines architecture and also closeups of flowers and rain drops etc just wanted to knoe if i will get quality photos from the e500 thank you GRAHAM:-)
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You'll get quality images from any of the "budget" dSLRs, including the Oly. Best thing to do (if you haven't already) is to go somewhere that they have the cameras and handle them. Ergonomics make a huge difference when it comes down to it - if the camera is uncomfortable to use, you won't use it.

You say you have used film SLR - what type did you have? Most of the dSLR cameras have some backwards compatibility with film lenses (some more than others - depends on the camera maker). I know that Pentax dSLRs can use any Pentax K-mount lens and will also use screw mount lenses with an adaptor. Sony can use KM Maxxum lenses. It would be worth checking to see if the lenses you have will work (I'm happily using two lenses I bought 25 years ago).
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Short and sweet, check out the Nikon D80. It just came out and is getting great reviews. Some reviewers are saying it has many features of the more expensive D200. I have the D100 and I love it. You can compare cameras you like at www.dpreview.com.
Good luck,
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Depends on the style of shooting you do.

If you shoot a lot of "low light" photography then you'll want to concentrate a camera that shoots "clean" images at high ISO's, like ISO1600 or ISO3200.

Another thought is lenses. Are there any specific lenses you've seen that work well for the type of shooting you do?

Also, will you ever want to upgrade in the future? If so, will you be able to take the lenses you've already bought and know that the manufacturer will continue to make better and better camera bodies that fit the lens format?

So, think about photography in terms of a 30 year "career" and see where that thinking takes you...

--- Terry
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The Olympus E-500 is a good camera. However, it has some difficulty with ISO settings of over ISO 800. Also, the lenses for the E-500 tend to be on the expensive side. If you are happy with the 2 lens kit, and won't be buying other Zukio lenses, and can live with the high ISO limitations, then it is an economical choice.

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