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To all:

I am making the switch to digital. I have sifted through many articles and reviews and opinions, and have enough information to make ones head spin. But more information is always welcome. Perhaps, you people will have some good advice to help simplify things.

Is there a camera in the new digital age that is the equivalent of the cameras mentioned in the title of this thread? By equivalent, I am referring to a digital camera where you set the aperature on the lense and the shutter on a dedicated dial. No menus to sift through. It is small and quiet and unobtrusive. It is sturdy and precise and a joy to use.

It doesn't need to capture huge, sweeping vistas or be a super macro contendor. It doesn't have to have burst of 8fps. It is built to capture those wonderful, intimate moments as only that certain special photographic tool is able. Now...if it can capture the vistas and the details on a flower petal, great. And if I can capture each beat of a hummingbird's wing, great. But, those are secondary concerns.

I know. I know. Leica Digilux 2. But, I am not quite ready to shell out $1800 or $1500 for the LC1, unless I am getting a versatile, do everything camera with a couple of lenses. Speaking of lenses, my arsenal includes a wide range of M42 screwmount SMC Takumars, some Zuiko lenses that go with my OM-1, and some Canon glass to go with my AE-1. The Takumars make up the bulk of my collection, but I am not married to the Pentax system. If I can use any or all of these lenses on my digital purchase, great. If not, well, I'll see what ebay has to offer me for them...or I'll just keep the Takumars for nostalgia. That said, I know that a digicam with a fixed lens might be the solution to my dilemna. I am open to that, as well.

I hope I have stated my case, clearly. I just know there are others like me out there who desire the simple, basic, wonderful digital tool of which I deam. If the Leica or Panasonic LC1 were half the price, I would probably be holding it in my hands right now. But that is not the case. Any advice you all have to offer would be much appreciated.

Thank you, in advance, for all of you help.


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Check this out http://www.cameraquest.com/adapt_olyE1.htm

This camera, because of the smaller sensor, large diameter mountand shorter back focus requirements, can be adapted to fit almost any lens. I do not know if the manual focussing is difficult or not, and you do have to contend with the 2X crop factor, so forget about wide angle, but the Olympus E-1, E300, E500 or the new E330 will all mount most of your lenses at the cost of about $175 per mount.

I realize that the large bayonet mount on the Canon EOS digital cameras also allow a large number of adapters to operate but this Cameraquest/Olympus combo seems to work well, and remember, if 5MP is enough for you the very rugged E-1 is now selling at entry level prices.

Hope that helps.

Ira, Pentax *istDL owner.
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