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I like to shoot mostly landscapes, blow them up big enough to hang on the wall, so I would like to get the max megapixels with the max optical zoom...I have a ten year old canon eos rebel SLRwith a 75-300mm zoom lens and a wide angle...I would like to finda digital camerathat my old zoom and wide angle lens,( and tripod?)are compatable with.....I can spend up to 1500$.....Ideas?????Thanx!
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Check out the Canon DSLR models. The Digital Rebel is available for under $1,000.00 including an 18-55mm lens (and Canon also has a rebate program now).

You may also want to look at the new EOS-20D. It's faster, has more features andhigher resolution (but, it's more expensive, too).



Canon also makes an EOS-10D model (same sensor as the Digital Rebel). This model was replaced by the EOS-20D. Personally, I'd either go with the lower cost Digital Rebel, or the more expensive EOS-20D. These are both compatible with newer EF-S lenses (and the EOS-10D is not). So, if Canon introduces an EF-S lens that you're interested in later, the 10D wouldn't support it. The Digital Rebel is missing some features of the EOS-10D though (Flash Exposure Compensation, ability to select AI Servo Autofocus in non-Sports modes, etc.).

BTW, you'll need to multiply the focal lengths of your lenses by 1.6x for use on these DSLR models. Because the sensors are smaller than 35mm film, the entire image circle projected by the lens is not used. So, you have a "crop factor".

In other words, your 75-300mm lens would have a 35mm equivalent focal length of 120-480mm on one of these models, and your "wide angle" lens may not be as wide as you think. ;-)

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As somebody who has digital AND film cameras, my first piece of advice is NOT to sell your film gear when you buy a compatible digital SLR. There will be plenty of times, when you will be thankful that you still have your old familiar camera to fall back on.

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i agree... i definately think there is room in the photography world and my camera bag for film and digital...

but back to the original post... if you are willing to spend the 1500.. go for the 20d as it offers a distinct advantage in feature set and in image quality over the digirebel.. not only is the sensor an 8.2 vs 6.3.. but more importantly it will shoot at much higher ISO (or film speed equivelency) than the digirebel or the 10d..
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