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A fanny pack worn toward the front is a good idea and you are more aware of it.

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Hello, Astralmind:

I'm a foreigner-looking Peruvian (when travelling people usually praise my "perfect Spanish"), and I've had no problems traveling with my own camera (a now old Canon G5). Of course be cautious and avoid leaving it unatended. Carrying it in a generic bag (and keeping it in front of you at all times) is really the best advice.

Don't worry too much aboutsecurity in the jungle, Machu Picchu, Cuzco or Arequipa, but keep your eyes wide open in Lima, Piura, Ica and other coastal cities. And I mean, not only for your camera, but also for your wallet and documents.

You'll find plenty of places where to recharge your batteries in big cities (220V, 60Hz), but you may have problems in small towns and -of course- in the jungle. Keep your spare battery fully charged at all times!

Have a nice trip and enjoy Peru!
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I travelled in Peru last spring. Also Tahiti, & Easter Island.

Got approx 1,000 shots with my tiny Minolta X50 - carried in a POCKET, no bag of any kind. Made 12X18 inch prints from a number of these for a family calendar.

The sense of security from having the camera in a pocket is only one reason I advocate a really small camera: mostly it's a matter of having the camera with me at ALL TIMES! You never know when picture opportunities will come.

When driving around places like Australia, I carry it in a shirt pocket with a neck lanyard to prevent drops, but at Machu Picchu, I was afraid that I might manage to mess it up while climbing around, so I carried it in a pants pocket (better theft security, too).

In carrying a camera in a pocket, do recall that pockets tend to have dust & lint & such - a plastic bag is cheap insurance! Or a waterproof camera such as a Pentax WPi (got one for my marathon-running daughter, works fine). If the seals will keep water out, dust should be no problem. Pretty much rain at high altitude in Peru, too..

My X-50 recently was damaged and I got a Casio EX Z 750 with a lot more manual capability, and though I haven't had a chance to really put it thru it's paces, I wouldn't hesitate to head for Peru with it.

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Thanks again for all the replies.

Back 2 years ago, I had my eyes on the Canon S1. The S2 being much better, I would probably regret not buying this one.

Since it seems safe enough to carry it like I said and that I really don't mind the size, I think there are no issues left.

A very small camera could have been really cool, but this eliminates the AA powered cams (much easier to find batteries). Plus, I think the S2 massive zoom could come in handy for telemacro.

Now.... I have to find the right deal (just missed Dell's promo this week arrrrg)
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