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Default Good camera for macro and HD video?

First let me apologize, I know it's hard to make suggestions based on minimal info, but I will try to provide any requested info. I am looking for a camera to photograph model and real railroad operations so I'm thinking I need decent macro for the model close ups, and I want good HD video for my railfanning. One of my big requirements is, believe it or not, a big camera. I was looking at Cannon's SD780 till I saw the actual size of the thing. I've been rooting through this forum, and looking at reviews here and there and have determined there are way to many options! The Sony H20 is recommended alot but it's hard to find now, I was looking at the Nikon L110 but couldn't find alot of reviews, and the ones I found are mixed, but it's the right size I'm looking for and the price range if that helps, I have to stay under $300. I'd also like to be able to zoom while taking video, which both the mentioned cameras can do.
So can you help me out camera experts?
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Welcome to the Forum- We're delighted that you dropped by.

The difficulty we have here is the lack of an actual budget, the amount of zoom required, and the priority given to camera size. Based on your discussion of the Canon SD-780, we think that you made a good decision. The SD-780 can do HD video, but hardly and the still photos are only fair at best.

If the issue is to hold the amount of the budget to a minimum. That can be done. Take a look at the Samsung SL720, priced at around $125.00. It has just about the biggest bang for the buck. Next comes the Panasonic ZR-1, which Amazon has for $185.00. The Sony H-20 still remains a very good camera selection, but the rapidly dwindling inventory supply is quickly driving the price even higher. Currently The H-20 price is hanging at around $279.00. In January it was selling for $199.00.

The escalating price of the H-20 makes the Panasonic ZS3 look like a bargain at around $260.00. If you can do without HD video, the Panasonic ZS1 model is on sale at Amazon and J & R for $179.00.

So please take a look at these camera and themn we can dive into the details of a select few of them with you. All the cameras listed are compact zoom class cameras. The amount of zoom varies, as does the mp count.

Good luck on your search. we are always here to assist you.

Sarah Joyce
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mtclimber, thanks for the info. I guess a budget would have been a nice thing to include! I want to keep it under $300, that's about the most I'm going to be able to spend. I have large hands and find it difficult to handle small cameras, I have an Exilim EX-Z57 which isn't considered small I don't think, but video on it is horrible.
I'm not really sure how much zoom I need. I will have a look at the cameras you recommended and post back.
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