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jiaye Nov 29, 2005 2:02 AM


I'm going on an extended trip to Europe then on to Africa. I'm looking for a good camera I can take with me. I know it'll be fairly gloomy in Jan. in Germany, Czech, and Holland and the castles probably aren't too well lit either. Then for the Africa portion of the trip, I'll be doing on a Safari where I'd like to get some good pics of the land at wide angle as well as telephoto of wild animals from a good distance away. I've always used point and shoot compact digicams and would like to get a more serious camera with fairly straight forward features. But I want to get it early so I can learn the more advanced techniques and features therefore flexibility is a huge plus. I'm kind of torn between the Kodak P850 and Fuji S5200. I've heard nice things about both but S5200 is $100 cheaper. But the P850 uses SD cards which I already have. Also the P850 has a 12x zoom vs a 10x zoom on the S5200. I'm wondering if anyone has a comparison between a 10x and a 12x zoom? I've read reviews on this site for both cameras. They both sound good.I'm somewhat limited to these two cameras because I'm a huge fan of Costco because of their no hassel return policy and these are the two cameras they offer in my price range. Can anyone experienced similar photography situations shed some light on what would be a better choice for my intended use? Thanks in advance!

E.T Nov 29, 2005 10:10 AM

jiaye wrote:

...and the castles probably aren't too well lit either...
wide angle as well as telephoto of wild animals from a good distance away.
Those are definitely hard requirements.
Only super/ultrazoom which has good wide angle is Samsung 815 but it lacks image stabilization which would be very beneficial in dimly light castles. For architecture/landscape 28mm is better than those 35-38mm by huge amount. While for animals tele should be as long as possible.

Kodak's 36mm isn't much better than Fuji's 38mm but at least little, also it has image stabilization...
So practically you would need wide converter for good architecture/landscape shots. Kodak appears to have 0.7x converter which would give ~25mm.

Just as example I took this with 28mm+0.8x converter. (~22mm)
For getting 38mm field of view take away 1/3rd from width and height. (28mm is 1/6th narrower)

jiaye Nov 29, 2005 11:49 AM

Thanks ET. I am planning on getting a wide-angle converter. Any idea if there's one for the Fuji? Since the lense is completely enclosed, would any 55mm converter work?

mtclimber Nov 29, 2005 12:16 PM

I own both the Kodak P-850 and the Fuji S-5200. I would choose the S-5200. Yes, any 55mm threaded wide angle adaptor will work on the 5200.


E.T Nov 29, 2005 3:37 PM

mtclimber wrote:

Yes, any 55mm threaded wide angle adaptor will work on the 5200.
Depends on how you define "work".
Without testing it's pretty impossible to say converter doesn't cause vignetting (darkening of corners and in the worser case cause image like looking through some pipe), cause aberrations, and worsen image quality and sharpness unless converter is designed for lens in question.

jiaye Nov 29, 2005 7:33 PM

any 55mm adaptors with known track record anyone can recommend?

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