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Hello! This is the first time I write something in here and I don't know much about digital cameras so don't kill me okay?

For some while I've been using a Yakumo Mega Image IV Camera I got cheap on Ebay. Unfortunately as with most toy cameras it really sucks when I'm trying to take pictures when there even is just a little bit of a shadow, the whole picture become noisy. So now that christmas is over I hope on getting a new (previously owned?) camera. I know, you guys here are focused on real cameras which produce great pictures in big resolutions but maybe you can help me out?

Here's what I'm looking for:
- CHEAP! As I don't really use it that often
- The ability to take pictures even when it's a bit darker (manual adjustments for exposure etc or pre-set modes?).
- It should be compact. I am not talking about the tiny EXILIMs though they would be cool. But so that I can take it with me when I go somewhere and don't need a bag.
-The ability to record Video clips for longer than a minute as I often use that feature when I am around with friends
-Not many MP, even a 1megapixel cam is enough for me but I want good pictures with little noise if possible
-A short warm-up time might be cool too but is not necessary
-I don't think I'll need optical zoom - at least I've never needed it so far

I've been looking at many cameras so far, especially old ones but it seems like most of them don't care much about the night-picture-taking or the video-functionality. So what should I be looking for? Maybe a no-brand one? But how to know which one really is good. Recently in the stores (I live in Germany) one can find MANY cameras with huge LCDs and 5MPs for very cheap prices but I guess when it comes to Image Quality they are noth worth half of it. Am I wrong maybe?

So the general question is: A recent cheap-brand camera or an old quality one? And if so, which one? Thanks a lot in advance!
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You need to specify how much money you can spend. There are lots of ok cameras for less than $100, but almost none of them are good in low light without a flash. I would recommend saving a little money (at least $100). The benefits $100 cameras have over the less than $50 cameras are considerable.

Right now, you can get a Fuji FinePix A400 for $59 at RitzCameras. There a number of Kodak cameras for less than $100.

If you want a camera that is really good in lowlight, you can look for deals on the Fuji F20. It will probably cost well over $150 though.

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Well... my dad has an old Canon Powershot S100. It's a pretty nice camera. It has 2MP, 2x Optical Zoom and fairly nice picture quality. I just looked on ebay and I'm seeing some for quite cheap (about $45 US including shipping). Ebay also has tons of spare batteries for it for like $3 each. That might be worth looking into.

If not, just about any old Canon would be an excellent choice.

I would recommend against no-brand camera's, they usually just don't stand up to the good ones (Canon, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus, etc). Also, if you can try to avoid a huge LCD screen, that cuts the price down a lot, and personally I use the viewfinder for all my shots, so the huge LCD's are just a waste of money.
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