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ahamay Jan 18, 2006 5:07 AM

Hello everybody,

I would like to update my Kodak DX 3900. I looked around and there is so many stuff on the market. It's hard to keep them all apart. Therefore; I'm looking for a camera with following profile:

5 Mp or better (max 7.1)
SD Cards or CF card, so no xD& Memorystick (bye bye sony, fuji and some olymps)
3x Optical zoom (prefer 4x)
Battery 2 x AA
Videofunction must be 640x480 30fps (looks great)
Price max around 300E = ca. 360 USD

I saw the following camera which looked very good: Nikon 7600. It's has 3x opt, 7.1mp and videofunction. The size of it is really good. What is your opinium about this one?

Also I saw a Canon powershot 620. The specs are exactly what I'm looking for. But then I saw it in store,the thing istoo big (like my Kodak 3900).

So anybody know another great camera?


Maurice (NL)

kassandro Jan 18, 2006 5:38 AM

Recently Panasonic announced some interesting cameras
which fulfill your specs. These low price cameras have even a wider zoom range and Panasonic high quality image stabiliser. On the other hand these cameras have no view finder and to keep the camera small with a powerful zoom a small 1/2.5 CCD was necessary. Thus image quality should be inferior to the Canon A610.
Finally there is the Casio z120 which has the same excellent 7 MP CCD of the A620, but it is much smaller and fulfilles your specs.

mtclimber Jan 18, 2006 9:48 AM


My only qualm with the Casio z120 is the quality of the image on the LCD, there are not many pixels. The size is nice, and based on the photos fromits big brother the z750, it should have good photo output.


ahamay Jan 18, 2006 5:11 PM

Hello everybody,

Thanks for the replies, but then I have following question:

"I saw the following camera which looked very good: Nikon 7600. It's has 3x opt, 7.1mp and videofunction. The size of it is really good. What is your opinium about this one?"

Does anybody has this camera? How is the picture quality. According to Steve not so good? How good is the moviemode?

mtclimber Jan 18, 2006 6:51 PM

not so good!


slipe Jan 18, 2006 9:44 PM

The Nikon 7600 movie mode has unlimited 640 X 480 movies and Imaging Resource thought they were very good. They don't have MPEG4 compression so you can't fit a lot on a memory card. I don't find I take very long movies even though my little camera has MPEG4. But you do need a fast SD card to take advantage of the movies.

Imaging resource listed one of the advantages of the Nikon 7600 as:
"Good lens, good sharpness in corners of images"
It also has an optical viewfinder, which I find very useful. The LCD isn't very large but seems to work fine. My old eyes appreciate a large viewfinder for settings even if the resolution isn't great.

Everything is relative. You seem to be happy with a point and shoot and the 7600 takes good pictures. Resolution isn't as good as the Canon SD550 or probably the Casio Z120, assuming the Z120 has the same lens as the Z750. But that is a technicality you probably won't see in normal photos.

My only complaint about the 7600 is the full autofocus shutter lag. 0.83 at wide and 0.89 seconds at telephoto isn't up to current small camera standards. As a comparison the Z750 is 0.29 in wide and 0.49 at telephoto. I would guess the Z120 will be the same.

Keep in mind that the Z120 has full manual everything and a good control setup for using it. It also has MPEG4 and the really nifty past movie mode. You just aim the camera and wait for something worth filming to happen. When you start recording it records the previous 5 seconds from the buffer and continues recording. It avoids grinding away waiting for the kid to do the cute thing again and saves a lot of editing. And the MPEG4 compression lets you put 4 times as much on the memory card.

Even though Steve still has the Z120 in first look status it is already on his best cameras list. I would want to see a full review from someone I trust, but it looks to be a good camera.

ahamay Jan 19, 2006 5:04 PM

Thanks for the detailed answer Slipe., but it does NOT record in MPEG4 !!

I was also thinking about the Z120 which looks very interesting. The video mode is a big plus and the size is also very good. But it does not record in Mpeg 4, so this is minus compared with the Z750. AA Batteries are great . I prefer buying a 1 GB SD card instead of an expensive accu !!;)And the startup time of casio's are very good. Last and not least: 7.1MP, which is a big improvement.

The biggest complaints I have for my DX 3900 is size (Verydifficult carrying it on my motorcycle), no movies and only 2x optical. Iknow people with big camswhich they never carry, because of it's size.

Otherwise, my DX is still 100% working and like new (made ca. 3500 Photos in 2.5 years)



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