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Hi! This is my first post so bear with me...

I am also searching for the ultimate concert camera. i wat something 5 - 8 megapixels, nice zoom, and concert friendly settings like a max appature of 2.6 or lower, a max shutter speed of 1/2000th, and ISO abilities up to 1600.

Unfortunately, the perfect camera does not seem to exist... there are so many choices that come very close, but I am totally confused as to which one to buy. Here's what I am trying to decide between: (these all have manual capabilities)

Canon A700: 6x Optical Zoom, 6.2 megapixels, a little bit bulkier. But the appeture does reach 2.8, it can shoot at 1/2000th and the ISO reaches 800. Canon seems to be everyones favorite and the prices are good for a camera with such a big optical zoom. It's just a little big but not terrible.

Casio Exilim EX750 or 850: This is pretty much the same thing as the canon but a much smaller body and only 3x optical zoom. If I decide i need a camera that fits in my shirt pockwt I'll get this over the Canon. But the zoom is less.

Fuji F30: This is a bit more expensive and only a 3x zoom, but these fuji camera's apparenty use a different chip (called a 'Super CCD HD') which performs increadably well in lowlight situations like a concert. This 6.3 megapixel camera has a max appeture of 2.8, like the others and a max shutter speed of 1/2000th. I'm not sure if this camera has manual abilities but it's predecesor the F11 did, so I assume it does too.

Fuji E900: Same as above, I think, but 9 megapixels and a 4x optical zoom. This is probably the camera I will end up buying, but I would like to get more feedback on it first.

If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE weigh in. I just want to go to a concert and without using a flash, take an crisp clear shot that captures the moment...

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Unless you plan on staying at the widest lens position (lower optical zoom), none of the smaller subcompact models are going to give you f/2.8

f/2.8 is only available at their widest zoom setting. That's why you see two ratings for most zoom lenses (for example, f/2.8-4.9 ) f/2.8 is about 3 times as bright as f/4.9, allowing shutter speeds 3 times as fast for any given ISO speed and lighting.

All of the subcompact models lose a *lot* of light if you start zooming in much, with most down to around f/4.9 before you reach their long end. So, only about 1/3 the light will get through, requiring shutter speeds 3 times as long for proper exposure when you zoom in to longer focal lengths.

As far as shutter speeds you're quoting (1/2000 second, etc.), just because a camera has faster shutter speeds doesn't mean you can actually use them.

The camera must keep the shutter open long enough to "expose" the sensor, and that's going to depend on the lighting, ISO speed and aperture. Otherwise, you'll just get a dark frame (underexposed image).

You'll need to go with a larger camera if you want better performance, except on the wide end of their lenses.

For very low light, a DSLR using a bright lens is preferred (and a zoom lens that can maintain f/2.8 throughout the focal range is going to be larger, heavier and more expensive for a DSLR). For some low light clubs, even f/2.8 is not good enough (brighter non-zoom lenses are preferred). Most DSLR models will also give you much better performance at higher ISO speeds (far less noise, or smoothing of detail from in camera noise reducction). But, for many concert venues, a DSLR may not be allowed.

If you can get very close to the stage, one of the smaller Fuji models (f10/f11/f30)is probably your best bet in a subcompact model (making sure you stay on the wide end of the lens). But, in very low light, f/2.8 and ISO 1600 (which will be noisy) may not "cut it" if the stage lighting is poor (as in some low light clubs, depending on how much motion blur you're willing to tolerate).

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Thank you so much for the response!

I think I have narrowed my decision down to the fuji f11. For the size and price it just seems like it will get me the most for my money. And I plan on always being close up in small clubs, so the zoom isn't that important I guess.

However, now that I am searching prices, I keep coming across the fuji E550. It seems to be the same thing, but with a 4x zoom (rather than a 3x) and it's much less expensive.

Will the E550 work as well in the dark as the f11 or does it have a toatally different computer running it? Anyone know the difference?

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The E550 doesn´t have the same sensor as the F10/F11, it is noisier at high iso.
Get the F11
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Concert camera, the Fuji F11 or F30 is maybe the best compromise...the flash would be no help, either too far or just anoying. Zoom is fine but you would need IS + high ISO and only good if the concert stage is static. High ISO at 2.8 and use image cropping (digital zoom or post processing) is maybe the only way when using a small pocket camera.
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My mate took a Canon A700 to the recent living end concert here in melbourne. Here are a few pics, i'll let you be the judge

On a note, my mate who took them only has one arm
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