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Hi, It would be great if anyone can give me some advice.

My first digital camera was a Canon s30. I had a recurring problem with this camera. There would be a long delay between pushing the shutter button half way and then to focus. Then once focused there would be a delay when taking a photo. The result is I would miss alot of great shots.

I ended up dumping the s30 for an s50 (about 2 years ago) No I am having the same problem with the s50. I have brought it into compusa several times for repair and still the problem is there. (I have a servce contract with compusa) Now after the 6th time of bringing it in for repair they will replace it.

Although I love Cannon, I am very gun shy about the products and I think it may be time to move on.

I was thinking about an Olympus. They have a new stylus coming out called the stylus 600. I was thinking of this one. Anyone have any thoughts?

If not Olympus what other cameras shoud I consider.

Overall I like the size of the s50. I do not like the really mini cameras.
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Old Sep 26, 2005, 3:53 PM   #2
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The shutter lag you describe is not unique to Canon - it is typical of many digital cameras. It is one of the technical issues that most manufacturers have been trying to address in the past couple of years. So, even though I don't use a Canon myself, I advise you to check out some of their newer cameras, several of which has gotten good reviews here and elsewhere. Check out Steve's reviews because shutter lag is one of the factors that Steve often discusses. Canon, Nikon and Fuji have some good digital cameras, as does Panasonic. I use the Panasonic FZ20, the price of which is going down since the introduction of the FZ30. Also, if the FZ20 is a little too bulky for you, check out the FZ5. It has many of the same features as the FZ20, but is quite a bit smaller.
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I know Canon has a large group of devoted and loyal fans. They do take wonderful pictures but the limited experience I've had with the Canon Powershot group quickly ruled out any Canon as being one I would want to own.

In my opinion, they are more complicated than most. My friend has the Powershot A80. He can never just pick up the camera and shoot (even though he has had it for months and uses it quite often) He always has to fiddle with a setting while trying to figure out what to do with it. The few times I picked it up, I was completely lost although I am familiar/comfortable with digital cameras.

I'm not a fan of the LCD panel that swivels out (one more thing to break in my opinion). Give me a larger, stationary LCD anytime and the shutterlag was awful with my friend's A80.

I happen to be partial to Fuji and Panasonic. I have the Fuji F10 (got it just a couple days ago) and the Panasonic FZ15 (got it last year). To me they are much more straightforward to use and have little to no shutterlag esp. when prefocused. Generally speaking I think I like the Fuji picture better than the Panasonic picture but at the time I got the FZ15, no one else had the 12x optical zoom with stabilization (it is awesome!)

The Fuji F10 is about as small as I would want to go (just a bit bigger than ultracompact I'd say) I don't like the new credit card-esque models either. If you saw my other post I was debating on whether or not the price difference between the F10 and the Fuji E510 was worth it...after another day with the F10...I think it is a keeper!

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Old Sep 26, 2005, 9:45 PM   #4
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not to push the canon issue, but all the recent canons such as the sd300, SD400, etc utilize the DIGIC II processor, which is MUCH faster than the previous models you owned. Give them a try. I love the SD300 for quick shots at parties and such. Its quite speedy....
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i agree with the above post.. the newer canon's with the digic II are FAST...

and to address photocat's criticisms of canon- sometimes being able to "fiddle" with settings and such is a good thing :-)
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Old Sep 26, 2005, 10:57 PM   #6
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Ah yes "fiddling" is an art and a good option at times...(I guess I should have used the proper terminology of manual adjustments...but knowing my friend...fiddling is more of an appropriate descriptor!)

However, in my head (and not on the post) were mostly the times where we were all forced to stand around waiting and sighing to each other while he "fiddled" with his camera.. it quickly loses the mood/momentum in such situations.

Of course, maybe he wasn't as familiar with his camera as he should have been or that I think he is. Personally, I prefer the ability to grab and shoot quickly in most situations and with the few Canons I've seen (his A80 especially) they just weren't that intuitive to me.

But then again, I am FAR from an expert...so it is just my humble opinon. Off I go to fiddle with my F10 a little bit :G
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Old Sep 27, 2005, 8:49 AM   #7
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I keep my S2 IS on auto mode most of the time when photographing people. When taking snapshots at least. I have yet to seriously try anddo portraits, and auto should do fine there for the most part as well. When I take pictures of stationary objects where I have all the time in the world I fiddle with the settings.
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