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Anything by Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic is good; better value than the premium you pay for same quality as a Canon or Nikon or Sony.Pentax, Samsung, Casio I never cared for. Kodak is gone.
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I think 13000 rupees is around $225 US. But then I know what I can buy at Amazon for $225, but no idea what you'd pay because I don't know where you are buying. That said, you want a small point & shoot with 14+ MP and 10X zoom. I had an old Canon SD1000 7MP, 3 (maybe it was 4)X zoom. GREAT camera. Small, sturdy, reliable. I'm not a photographer and I have lousy eyes, but it still takes great clear, indoor and outdoor photos IMHO (that I never print and never use the zoom on).

My point is I think just about any "name brand" camera will do what you want and do it well for around $200 US or less. I've had several Canon point & shoots, all were superb. I just bought a 'lesser known' Panasonic p&s and am quite happy with it (after 2 weeks) so I think there is something as the last poster said on 'lesser known' cameras and associated value. Again this is for an "inexpensive point & shoot."
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