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muddyaloha Jul 12, 2005 7:42 PM

Here are the criteria:

1. Casual use: Family and recreational pics, plus the occasional kid's dance recital.

2. Cost: $600 for Sony F828 or $450 for Sony H1.

3. Issues: Choice between Zeiss 7x optical zoom (F828), and Sony 12x optical zoom (H1), lenses. 8mp (F828) versus 5 mp (H1).

4. RGBE (F828) versus RGB (H1). Does this really matter?

5. Help me out, here. Thanks!

I am a casual picture taker, and I enjoy snapping photos of our family, vacations, etc. I have a small point and shoot, but would like to supplement that with a better camera, since I have noticed that my wife has a great eye for interesting photos, and I think she could benefit from a better camera. I have looked at the F828, and more recently, the H-1, and I am a bit stumped. Could you help me to weigh the benefits of the two cameras to a casual user (I don't think my wife and I even qualify as amateurs yet), and which would be better for our family? For example, Zeiss 7x optical zoom versus the Sony 12x optical zoom, does the extra zoom have a realistic practical value for us, or is 7x "enough?" Also, the mechanical zoom and focus on the F828 sounds good, but is it really a worthwhile feature? I can get the F828 for about $600 (used, but in great condition), or the H1 new for about $450? Your opinions would be much appreciated.

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