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Hi all!

I currently have a Canon Coolpix 2500 (I believe one of the worst digicams made so far by Nikon) and I think it is time for an upgrade.

I'm trying to decide between Sony h1, h2 and Canon s3 because I want more manual controls and learn to use some advanced features.

My question is about red eyes when using the flash. Does any of the three cameras I mentioned have a problem with red eyes? I like to take pictures of my pets (one cat and one guinea pig) and with my current camera they always end up with evil eyes with the flash and I don't like to modify pictures with Photoshop.

Is there a trick I need to learn to prevent the red eye or is it totally up to the camera?

Thank you!

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Red eye occurs when the light from the flash is reflected directly back at the camera. It's particularly bad with small digicams, because the flash is so close to the lens (so the reflection comes righ back at the lens). These 3 cameras are all larger ones which can pop the flash up a bit away from the lens and get less red eye. I believe the Canon is a bit worse than the Sonys.

Even better is to be able to get the flash off the camera altogether. This is possible with an external flash unit. Both the Sony and Canon models lack a hot shoe, but have external slave flashes available that can be attached via the tripod mount.

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Scroll down about 2/3 of the way on each page until you see the eyes. Whadya think?




the Hun

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Thank you both for the info and the links. They've been very helpful.

The red eye issue is very important for me, so I took the Canon S-series out of my list.

Thanks again!
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