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I've been looking and researching for months now, and I've narrowed it down to the

Sony H1

Kodak P850

Panasonic FZ20

or Minolta Z3, Z5, or Z6

I take a lot of outdoor moving shots of horses, which I know what you'll say I need a digital SLR but the budget can't take that, nor do I plan on being a professional, I'm tired of lugging around all my film SLR stuff. I do have 2 lenses that would work with the Minolta 5D if the price went down enough on that I could get that Digital SLR.

I want a camera with image stabilzation I've seen too easily what a little jitter from me does to my photos.

So what do you think?
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I don't own any of the mentioned camera's, but taking moving horse shots I would think the Panasonic FZ20 would be the choice as it has f/2.8 right through the zoom range, 2nd choice would be the Sony H1 as I have seen pretty good shots taken at ISO 200.

my 2 cents
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FZ20 would top my list.

All the camera's you mentioned can take outdoor action shots without problems. Unless it's overcast, in which case you'll just need to up the ISO to 200 (maybe 400)...you should still get decent photos, but could be trouble depending on the "overcast"ness (is that a word?)

Reason I'd choose the FZ20: Burst mode is nice for action. F2.8 at 12x zoom. Lowest PF (outdoors in high contrast areas are where they show up most).

H1 and P850 second...but I'll not get into these as I don't feel either provides anything unique to the user above what the FZ20 can offer. They are good camera's, though...and are definitely considerations. Someone will have to post about them, though as I don't know enough...

I don't hear much about the Minolta's...
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Of the lot, I would agree with the FZ20 choice. If movie mode is a big concern, the FZ20 would be a bad choice, though. Also, the burst mode will give you 3 quick shots, but will not go continuously. If you want a long burst mode, you might consider the Canon S2 IS, which also has a decent video mode for a still camera. Otherwise, the FZ-20 is a great choice.
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