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davidef Sep 23, 2005 9:06 PM

hello there,

i've been using a Kodak DS260 very happily for years now, but unfortnately it has expired. though only a 1.6 megapixel, this was fine for my purposes given that it was very flexible and captured colour beautifully. i do a lot of automotive photophraphy and the kodak really took some exceptional pics at the right time of the day.

i have now tried two new cameras - a sony dscp43 and a canon powershot A75. the sony was awful. colour was never quite right and the digital zoom horrible. the canon is much better and has a much nicer feel to it - camera rather than appliance/toy - but i am still not happy. pictures in low light are apalling. often i am required to take pictures of cars in dark garages. despite being sensitive only to 100iso, the kodak performed this task brilliantly. the canon struggles either in auto mode or if set to 400iso manually. the special dialed in low light setting only works when there is close to no light at all - anything brighter and it cant focus.

a friend has an olympus and i was never very impressed by its pics.

so what are my options? the kodak was starting to grate the nerves a little - very slow to power up and between pics and more MP would have been nice but this is a small price to pay given it performed so well otherwise.


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