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WellI have finally rounded my DC selection to 2.

I am opting for a 5MP Super Zoom and like the kodak range

I'm a bit stuck on the differences between the DX7590 or the Z740... I know the obvious differences...

but what would you choose and why?

Thanks again
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basically there aren't a lot of differences... so pick on personal preference or on best price found and you should be well served either way..

best regards, dustin
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Old May 27, 2005, 12:06 AM   #3
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Amen to what Dustin said.


Ps you might want to check out the kodak forum here to kinda look around a while. You'd be most welcome and might get some more Kodak specific answers.
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Old May 27, 2005, 2:10 PM   #4
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I can only find three significant differences:

1. The DX7590 has a theoretically better quality lens (that would not influence me in the least, both lenses probebly give pictures which you could not tell apart)

2. The Z740 uses AA sized batteries instead of a proprietary Li-ion unit like the DX7590. this is a plus in my mind, it is cheap and easy to stock up on NiMH AAs that will give decent performance, especially since most are now 2500 ma.

3. The DX7590 has an external flash synch, definitely a big plus in my book if you are planning on photographing big events like weddings or graduations.

Guess that makes this a tie, best price and proposed use are all that separate these to excellent cameras. Since you have narrowed it down to these two I will not make any comparisons to other brands.

Good luck

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Old May 28, 2005, 11:27 AM   #5
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If you want to use the camera in low light (like most people would) i would suggest the Z740. My friend has just bought one 5 days ago and the image quality is very good (typical kodaks :P) but u really notice the LCD and EVF gaining up, not even for just in darkness, but when your in a darkish room with maybe just a light or two it makes it much easier to see, plus it has this ultra bright AF assist lamp that helps it focus in dark conditions.

To my knowledge the DX7590 doesn't have an AF assist lamp(i only buy cameras which hav AF lamps because of the huge benefit of focusing in low light, i got fed up of blurry pictures!)

And as Monza said, it takes AA batteries, much easier to find and very cheap too, they take less pics than these "posh" new batteries (i think) but they are more expensive, especially since u'll probably want a backup.

Hope it helps! ,

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