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I am looking for a handy camera to use while fishing on the ocean. I have a very good SLR camera that I keep in a Pelican case but there are times when it is not practical to take that camera with me. For those times I would like a smaller camera that would be easy to stow. It does not have to be super small.

Because I am in a boat some sort of stablizer function would be helpful. Also, it needs to be fast in terms of shooting. Delays in terms of the camera figuring out the shot are not helpful.

Optimally it would be nice to be able to shoot video and to have a telephoto lens as well. What I do not want to do is worry about humidity and salt damaging the camera. I have had great success with my slr but I keep silica (sp? the crystals for absorbing moisture) in the Pelican case and I do not take the camera out when there is any risk of sea water splashing up on it.

I would be grateful for advise.
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The only cameras I'd suggest for your environment without additional housings would be the Olympus Stylus Sw series and the Pentax Optio W series which are small, pocketable and require no additional housings. Steve has tested a nuber of cameras in these series: http://www.steves-digicams.com/cameras_wr.html.

Unfortunately those cameras don't meet many of your other requirements. To meeat your other requirements you need a more general purpose P&S in a waterproof housing. A goodly number of Canon P&Ss, such as the A720 IS have underwater housings. Steve's reviews sometimes mention if a housing is available.
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I don't know what ocean you plan on fishing in, or what size boat, but I live on the water (salt) and fish from a small boat quite often...my camera always comes with me. I originally went shopping for one of those waterproof cameras, because I feared what might happen. A wise camera salesman (really) said to me, "Yeah, it's waterproof, but it's not a very good camera". I reconsidered and bought a Fuji S5100. It has served me well for 3 years, with no signs of damage from salt and or humidity (and there's plenty of both around here). I subsequently picked up an S6000, which is even better on the boat, because it has a wider angle lens (28mm), is better in low light situations and it can zoom while recording video - a wonderful feature when panning from your buddy fighting a fish, to the fish breaking water 200 ft from the boat. Neither camera is waterproof, or even water resistant. I keep them in their case, and the case goes in a waterproof bag while underway. Neither has IS, but I don't think IS would do much as far as flattening out 3 to 5 foot seas...you just have to time your shots, and keep the shutter speed up.

You might want to consider the Fuji S700, which has a 10x zoom, and is selling on Amazon now for around $180. At that price, if you dunk it the briny, it won't hurt as much as the DSLR would.

Tight lines.

The Hun
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I like the logic and appreciate the experience. I was thinking of the IS simply for longer shots chop or not.
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