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kiddk1 Dec 29, 2005 11:12 AM

Well in the past week I have been thru 3 cameras all of which I did not like. The sony dsc-w7 was horrible with red eye even with the reduction on, the nikon coolpix s2 which gave dark backrounds indoors, and the kodak Z7590 which I will be taking back tomorrow b/c of red eye and and focus issues. I am seriously contemplating just saving up for a digital SLR. Any advice. thanks

slipe Dec 29, 2005 11:56 AM

Look through this review at the red-eye tests. He does that with every camera he reviews. You might look up anything you plan on purchasing before taking it home and finding red-eye.

I'm not particularly recommending that camera as your 3 choices are all over the board for manual controls, size etc. I have no idea what you might be looking for, but do consult DCRP's red-eye tests before buying and returning multiple cameras for red-eye.

The flash sync speed on most digitals is 1/60 second. Since the flash intensity decreases at the square of the distance, anything that 1/60 won't capture will be as dark with any digital under the same shooting conditions you used for the S3. It has nothing to do with the camera, but with the physics of having the light proper for the subject and dropping off radically for a distant background and too high a shutter speed to capture the ambient light.

Sony has a 1/45 second flash sync for many of their cameras. It would give a little better backgrounds, but users complain of ghosts in brighter lighted indoor situations. The Sony P200 not only gives a little better lighted backgrounds for flash but is good for red-eye.

With manual controls you could shoot flash at 1/30 second and probably get better backgrounds if you weren't zoomed too much.

kiddk1 Dec 29, 2005 1:57 PM

very informative, thank you. I will be doing alot more reading before my next purchase, I am also a hands on person and also need to test the camera which is why I had these 3. My Kodak dc290 which is a 2.1mp took better photos than these 3 cameras which is why I was disappointed, the only issue with my dc290 is shutter speed. thanks again

bigdawg Dec 29, 2005 6:51 PM

Red eye increases with the close proximity of the flash to the central axis of the lens. A camera with the flash further away from that axis will give better results with the redeye problem. Most digital cameras benifit from an auxilliary flash that is off to one side on a flash bracket and higher up. This moves it far enough away to help with the redeye! With some peoples eyes though, redeye wil happen almost every time! I have a daughter we kid is part Demon because she has red eye no matter how you shoot her.


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