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Please someone help me to find Camcorder for 600$
It need to be HD!
And please if you can tell me some good camcorder then give me sample to!
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Hey, possibly not the best place to ask as 99.9% of people here specialise in digital still cameras.

You might be lucky but I would not count on it.... and sorry to say I can't help at all.
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you may want to try camcorderinfo dot com and/or simplydv dot com for some recommendations.
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The two sites given by Ochinura have both reviews and forums. You need a budget more like $900+ for HD camcorders from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and JVC. Sanyo also have a HD model. If you want to edit the footage, there is usually some basic in camera or additional software to cut or join clips but thats about it. Commercial editing software for HD is now more available but you are talking about another $100, plus you need a powerful PC (or Mac). In terms of choosing the actual camcorder, you have to decide whether you prefer tape, HDD, flash or DVD storage. Some camcorders can shoot in either HD or Standard Video whilst others can only shoot in HD and then editing needs more power. Lastly, unless you have an HD or Bluray player and HDTV you will only be able to see HD on your PC, or from your Camcorder to HDTV. You will learn a lot more by looking at the posts on the video forums.

Although the camcorders themselves are very good, showing the HD video in any edited form can be frustating unless you have the right equipment. Unless you have an urgent need, it might be better to wait until technology and price falls catch up with the camcorder technology.
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