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Hey guys!

I have been a reader of these forums and the reviews by Steve for some time, and I have been trying to figure out what digital camera to buy and it's beginning to fry my head.

I have previously owned a Panasonic FZ5 which I was very happy with. The image quality, zoom and image stabilizer gave very pleasing results.

However, I sold it on because I got fed up not having it with me at times when I needed it because it was just too bulky.

Being annoyed at this, I impulse bought a Casio s500 while on holiday in California. To be honest, I was pleased with what I got out of such a small package, especially the movie mode, it's operating speed and ease of use.

In saying that however, at times the image quality was just not up to scratch and when my sister indicated that she needed a small Point and Shoot, I took the oportunity and sold it to her.

Now I'm without a camera, and I'm going for a weekend break to Dublin in 5 days and I need a camera.

Here is what I'm looking for:

Compact (vital)
Lithium purpose made battery with longetivity of life. Preferably around 300 shots
Good image quality as I take landscape pictures quite often and macro
Decentvideo mode as I anticipate having to do video presentations in the near future
At least 6MP, but preferably more
My wife misses the extra zoom that the Panasonic had, so preferably more than 3x

I don't think there would be any competition for what I want if the Ricoh R5 was released. It seems to have everything I want. But it isn't so I am considering the following three:

Ricoh R4 - seems to have the image quality and good macro, good zoom and respectable MP, but it's movie mode appears to let it down and battery life isn't the best, but I could live with it.

F30 - Don't know as much about this one but it seems to get alot of hype about it's image quality. Battery life is excellent too and I could live with the MP. But 3x zoom would probably annoy my wife :P

Casio z1000 - apparantly it possesses decent image quality. It has excellent video mode, massive 10MP and good battery life. But again it's only 3x zoom. However, with the extra MP I was thinking that zooming in and croping would be made more possible to make up (at least in some measure) for the lack of zoom.

Any suggestions folks? I really dunno what to do and would appreciate quick and helpful responses, including guidance from those that own the fore-mentioned models.


edit: Just after reading thisand now I'm thinkin that the z750 is more of a competitor than the z1000
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You might want to take a good look at the Fuji F-30. I have found it to be a really outstanding digital camera. Here is a photo sample for you. This photo was hand held, with no flash at all, under flourescent lights, which is really quite a challenge. However, the Fuji F-30 did a great job.

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