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Heres my situation, I just started working in a media supply shop, supplying graphic, repro, and basic bond paper. I have access to a HP Design Jet 4000, my pentax 3.2 all weather has been great but Iwould like to upgrade my cameraselection to something that could put out some 24" picson that Design Jet. Any help would be appreciated finding a suitable camera within the 500-1k range.

Ive been searching the site and found a wealth of information. Now I just need some help translating. Thanks in advance!!
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I would say your looking at a 6 or 8 meg camera to get good 24 inch prints.

YOu probably want to look at a D-SLR, as they have the best sensors with the best image quality.

In the 500-1K range, there are a number of great cameras, the Nikon d50, the Canon Rebel XT, Minolta has a D-SLR in that range, as well as the Pentax.

Personally, I would recommend you to look at the Rebel XT, as Canons have the best image quality.

Canon DigitalRebel XT is a state of the art 8MP sensor which gives you an extra 2MP to play around with (or crop out) over the other 6MP SLR's.

Also, Canons are known for low noise (grain) which could be a signiicant factor given the size of the enlargement you want to make.

Maybe try to find an image from the Canon 20D and try printing it on your 24 inch printer and see if your happy with it.

If you need an image I could email you one (especially if you were willing to send me a 24 inch print!)

-- Terry

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