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I am a senior citizen who takes "normal" day to day pictures (kids, vacations, etc). Nothing elaborate or fancy as I am not very knowledgeable. I just point and shoot.I do not use video clips.....

I want one that:

1. Has a very good battery life (my #1 problem).

2.Has a good optical zoom (for when we vacation, go to lake)

3. Has a large LCD screen.

4. Takes good pictures in doors (my always come out to dark).

My price range is under $350. Any input will be greatly appreciated !!

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This may not be a huge help, but here's a suggestion on the long battery life thing: get a camera with a proprietary Li-ion battery. I know, I know, that sounds silly, but hear me out:

AA/AAAs are nice, but you need NiMH rechargables for the longest life - Alklines will not last long under the high drain conditions in digital cameras. Here's the problem - in less than 1 month in a drawer, those NiMH batteries are going to be dead, so you can't just pick up the camera after a few weeks and expect it to work - you'll have to have a couple of spare sets, and you'll always be cursing at the dead batts in your camera.

Li batteries are rechargable, so you won't be spending lots of $$$ on alkalines, they have good life under high drain, and *they hold their charge* when in storage. Not forever, mind you, but for several months. I've had a camcorder battery (Sony InfoLithium) with more than 1/2 a charge after sitting dormant for a year.

Yes, LiIons are expensive. When I got my Canon G6, I bought two spares on Ebay for under $20. I keep one batt in the camera, one in my bag, and one on the charger. I take a good deal of pictures (>100/month for work minimum), and I've been very pleased with the setup.
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Great information.... thanks!!
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