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"Have I posted this in the wrong place, or is there some other reason why I'm not getting any help?"

"I can't believe no one here can help me find something under $200."

Maybe it's your attitude, neo...I tried to help you and you got nasty with me. I gave you my opinion of the first three cameras you listed, and I also suggested you avoid buying refurbished cameras on ebay - solid advice...and what did I get in return?

"Well Mr. Hun, excuse me for being new here!"

"Nice welcome."

"I guess I know how you got your nickname."

Maybe you think that everyone in this forum should bow down to you because you decided to grace us with your presence...I don't think so.

I can handle criticism, sarcasm and name calling, but I lost all respect for you when you trashed your own son here...

"I'm not about to drop $300+ for a serious camera that may end up getting dropped or left at a friend's house."

Obviously you don't consider your 16 year old sonresponsible enough to deserve a decent camera. I hope he doesn't read this forum.

Eventually, someone here will come along and help you out - it just won't be me.

the Hun

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