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they were on my radar, but i chose the fz150 for the raw and video mode, and for one more reason. i've been reading in a lot of places that the sx40 will not shoot long exposures at over ISO 100 unless you do a hack, and while that hack is very available, i don't like the idea of messing with my camera that way.

on the other hand, i found the sx40 a little better in some areas - the jpg's seem a bit cleaner at higher ISO's, the camera was physically a little more comfortable for me to hold, and i'm pretty sure it has a rubber eye cup for the viewfinder, where the fz150 has hard plastic, and i'm going to have to attach something softer so i won't scratch my glasses.

btw, a lot of cameras are selling out fast or prices are going up as only smaller (and sometimes weirder) resellers still have them. the sx40 and fz150 were first to start disappearing, so it might be a challenge to find either of them at this point - the only sx40's i've seen in the last day or two are way above the price they were available at a week ago.

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To be honest- I'm not sure the SX40's extra reach is a big deal breaker- unless you shoot everything at 840mm..!
The FZ-150 is quite a compelling package- well built,probably handles better than the Canon,has RAW shooting capability,by all accounts a better video mode,lightning fast focusing,a 12 fps burst and an even more impressive 5.5 fps with auto-focus..!!
Purely a personal thing- but looks better too!!
These two cameras were in my radar when looking for an "all in one" and only swung the way of the Canon because I was offered one at a great price- and I do believe the Canon has the better IQ- but it's a close call on that score too...!
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You're right- 15 sec exposures are iso 100 only- though I wouldn't use higher iso's on longer exposures anyway- just to keep things nice and clean- though of course the Panny goes up to 60 secs max exposure..!(And no- I won't be hacking...!)
The eyecup is indeed rubber also...
Maybe after Xmas,stocks will be up and a bargain may be had in the Jan' sales...?
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